Who Is Sheetal Sheth, and What Has She Achieved from Her Acting Career?

Dec/30/2022 / by Habibur Shohon
Sheetal Sheth
Image credits: Wikimedia Commons

Sheetal Sheth is an American actress with Indian roots, an author, an activist, and a producer currently based in the US. She has starred alongside Actor Albert Brooks in the movie Looking for comedy in the Muslim World alongside other great films.

She has made a debut in the films American Chai and ABCD, not forgetting her participation in the two major films, the World unseen and Can’t Think Straight. The various best actress awards bagged speak a lot about Sheetal Sheth and the festive circuit.

 Getting opportunities to represent several popular brands such as Reebok and CHI haircare has highly influenced the networth of Sheetal Sheth. Sheth also brags as the first-ever Indian American to appear in the popular magazine Maxim.

Her stories have also turned out to be a success to the extent of being published by big media firms such as CNN, Thrive Global, and The Daily Beast. Always Anjali, her childhood book, became a success such that a series set to arise from it is underway. This series is the first book series that features a hero from South Asia.

Sheth’s Early Life

Sheth is a first generation of the Gujarati Indian American People born in Trenton, New Jersey. Her parents were initially in Gujarat, India, before relocating to the United States in 1972. When Sheetal Sheth was 12 years old, she moved with her parents to Reading, Pennsylvania, where they still live.

During her youth, she made frequent visits to India with her family, and today, she still visits her family in Gujarat. She speaks fluent English, which is her first language. However, Sheth also studied Spanish, French, and Hindu languages, which she communicates well.

Education and academics at large were Sheth’s First Priority. However, she also loved watching television and performing as a child. She studied multicultural dances and was also a basketball player when it came to sport.

Even though academics, sports, and dance were well done at school, acting defined the biography of Sheetal Sheth well. She was encouraged by friends in high school to join the ongoing auditions for plays in the school.

Her passion for acting drove her into studied hard and excel in the field. Eventually, she decided to make acting her full-time career and focused all her energy on the area as her craft grew even bigger and better.

Her Career

Sheth made her first appearance in the film industry through the 1999 film ABCD in which she starred alongside Faran Tahir and Aasif Mandvi. The Film won the best Indie Feature award at the Houston film festival. She was widely praised for her fantastic performance in the Film and gained good reviews from many people.

She again played a role as a dancer in the 2001 film The American Chai, the successful film that won the Audience Award at the 2001 Slam dance Film Festival. She also played other roles in films such as Wings of Hope which made her win the best actress award.

 In 2005, she played a role as Maya Opposite in the Film Looking for Comedy in The Muslim World, where she starred alongside Albert Brooks. Following her success in the film, she got a chance to play a role as Martina in the Series Single Tables, which was to be aired by NBC TV but never came to pass.

She also starred alongside Lisa Ray in Two Lesbian themed movies, I Can’t Think Straight and The World Unseen, directed by Sarif. She again performed in the Film why Am I Doing This with the Stalemate, which she did with Actors Josh Randall and Burgess Jenkins. She got a nomination for this Film in the best actress category in 2011.

Sheth has also participated in Cartoon Network’s animated series Johnny Bravo Goes to Bollywood, where she was behind the voices of Sumi and shark. She also starred in the 2011 movie Three Veils, along with Mercedes Masohn and Angela Zahra.


Does Sheetal Sheth Have Cancer?

Sheetal revealed in July 2019 that she had Breast cancer.

What is Sheetal’s Nationality?

Sheetal is an American but has roots in Gujarat.

Who is Sheetal’s Husband?

Neil Mody is Sheetal’s Husband, whom she wed in 2013.


Apart from her career in acting, Sheetal also participates in other programs that enrich the community. She developed tutorials and lessons dealing with conflict resolution while working at the inner-city high school. She is also an active member of community outreach programs.


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