Learn About Shilajit Extract & its Benefits



While some herbal supplements boast of having great results, shilajit lives up to its reputation. Shilajit has been used in Ayurvedic medicine practices for thousands of years and despite the black tar-like substance not looking like much, it provides several medicinal benefits. It’s properties are antifungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-ulcerogenic, anti-allergic, anti-diabetic and anti-anxiety. And, it’s also an aphrodisiac.  

What is Shilajit?

Shilajit attributes its healing benefits to one of the main ingredients, fulvic acid. The herb is made up of around 60-80% fulvic acid and the higher this content is, the more powerful it’s anti-aging property. Aside from improving gut health, it’s helpful with improving the skin and offers several benefits which we’ll explore. 

From treating Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and altitude sickness, to treatment for ulcers, infertility and cancer, it’s no wonder it’s called the “destroyer of weakness.” One quote dating back to the first century A.D. described shilajit as “There is hardly any curable disease which cannot be controlled or cured with the aid of shilajit,” Vaidya Charak. An Ayurvedic text based on Charaka Samhita stated that all types of curable diseases could be treated with shilajit.

Shilajit is tar-like in texture and usually sold as a powder or in a jar in its tar-like texture. It goes by other names which include black asphaltum, mumijo, shargai, mineral wax, mumlai and moomiyo to name a few. It’s found in the Tibet, Caucasus and Himalayan mountains and flows out of the mountain crevices once the temperature goes up. It’s no wonder that people consider it a mineral oil or rock sweat. It oozes out when the sun’s heat is the highest. 

While ranging in color from black to a dark brown or brownish-yellow or white, black is the strongest and most nutritional/effective. It is both a geological and biological substance that includes dibenzo alpha pyrones, phospholipids and fulvic and humic acids. In iconic form, it includes about 85 different types of minerals, nutrients and vitamins. Hence, it’s rich in antioxidants.  

Benefits of Shilajit

Because it includes so many vitamins, minerals and nutrients, shilajit has been used for over 5,000 years by natural doctors. There are all kinds of health benefits from decreasing inflammation and increasing energy to improving digestion. Hence, shilajit benefits are extensive and there are several ways that you can use it. Always consult a physician or Ayurvedic practitioner beforehand.

Shilajit uses include:

Treats Fatigue, Improves Endurance and Boosts Energy Levels

In the body are mitochondria or organelles that are the power source for your cells. The body turns nutrients and oxygen into ATP or adenosine triphosphate. Because shilajit increases mitochondrial function, the mitochondria are able to oxygenate at a faster rate. The result is more stamina and optimal energy.

Shilajit is popular with athletes. Some use this popular herb as a natural way to improve their endurance, energy, stamina and performance. Because of its revitalizing effects, taking a powerful supplement like shilajit can even make users feel rejuvenated and refreshed. Other uses might include taking it to treat chronic fatigue syndrome.

Treats TBI and Reduces Pain

Because it’s an anti-inflammatory and has ushanvirya, shilajitcan even serve as a pain reliever and suppress rheumatoid arthritis pain. It’s even been useful in treating TBI or traumatic brain injury.

Shilajit is a powerful herb that effectively treats intracranial pressure, edema and BBB or blood-brain barrier permeability which is a microvascular unit that can regulate how drugs permeate the brain.

To reduce pain, shilajit can serve as a sedative to lessen face, jaw and mouth pain because of its association with GABA brain levels. It works well when combined with morphine and reduces dependence on morphine in cases where it’s necessary to use it for pain relief.

Boosts Immunity and Helps Diabetics

A hormone regulator, shilajit can balance the immune system and keep the body’s various systems in equilibrium. This supplement is useful in lowering blood sugar levels in diabetics and is included in different supplements (GlucoCare, D-400). An additional benefit is that it can improve damage in the pancreas for diabetic patients.

Improves Sexual Libido

Another way that shilajit is being used is to help combat infertility in women as it can help with ovulation. It’s also useful for treating low testosterone in men and boosting sexual performance and testosterone.

Repairs the Blood and Promotes Heart-Health

Filled with antioxidants, shilajit can treat anemia and fight free radicals in the body that might cause sickness and diseases. It also repairs the blood as it decreases the amount of fat that’s in the blood which might cause blockages and clogs.

With its antioxidant properties, and given its high iron content, it can reduce heart trauma, regulate the heart rate and help anemic patients.

Helps Alzheimer’s and Epilepsy Patients

When combined with B-complex vitamins, shilajit can help Alzheimer’s patients and is known for helping those with epilepsy as it has antipsychotic effects and brings GABA levels in the brain back to a normal state.

Fights Certain Cancers

Toxic to certain cancers because of the heavy metal properties, this supplement is useful for helping to fight certain cancers. These include breast, liver, ovarian, lung and colon cancers. It’s even been useful in protecting the ovaries from radiation damage.

Fights Viruses and Supports Bone Health

As it has antiviral components, shilajitcan help with preventing and reducing gastric ulcers, respiratory tract infections and herpes-related viruses. For bone regeneration, this supplement can help support the skeletal system and slow down osteoporosis.

Combats Addictions

The shilajit supplement is also useful in helping those in rehab wean off of opioids as it can reduce withdrawal symptoms and drug or alcohol dependency. Shilajit is even useful in fighting altitude sickness!

Taking Shilajit

The average serving of shilajit is about ½ teaspoon or about 3-calories. That amount would include 5.4 mg of iron, 40 mg of calcium, 0.45 mg of zinc, and 2.8 mg of selenium. Stores don’t currently sell shilajit but you can buy it online. It’s sold as a supplement, resin or in a powder form. You might even find shilajit extract sold online.

The resin is the purest form if you are shopping for shilajit online. However, verify that through reviews that you are receiving the true shilajit product and not an impure form. Here’s how to tell the difference.

As a supplement, people will usually spoon out a small amount of shilajit, like a quarter of a teaspoon and mix that with water daily. The taste is kind of rubbery so it’s best to mix it in with a shake or smoothie.


Before taking shilajit or any other herbal supplement, speak to your healthcare professional or an Ayurvedic specialist. Because certain herbs like shilajit have a strong metal content, some precautions should be taken as it might affect your blood pressure. You also want to ensure that you’re purchasing genuine shilajit and not a knock-off or diluted version.

Read the reviews from the company and verify their business online. Hence, don’t rush to buy it because it’s in stock or on sale. Look for pure shilajitand verify it by the company name and reviews. Unscrupulous salespeople might try to sell you an unfiltered version and say that it’s pure Himalaya shilajit but it might have dangerously high fungi in the ingredients. Studies and scientific research on shilajit are ongoing. Discontinue use and consult your physician immediately if you experience adverse effects. 


What does

ful herb that helps diabetics, reduces arthritis pain and it’s also an anti-inflammatory. As it helps with ovulation, shilajit is useful for treating infertility and it’s also a stamina booster. This potent product can increase testosterone in men, raise sperm count and improve sexual function. Because of some proponents in the ingredients, it’s also considered an adaptogen, meaning it can help to combat stress, increase energy and reduce pain.

Who should not take Shilajit?

Those with low blood pressure or heart disease should not take this product. However, it can help with certain heart conditions. Speak to an Ayurvedic specialist or your physician first.

Is Shilajit a steroid?

No, shilajitis not considered a steroid but some users may feel like it is because it has energy-boosting properties.

Is Shilajit toxic?

Yes, it is toxic to certain types of cancers and is used to fight colon, breast, lung, liver and ovarian cancers. Talk to your MD about taking this if you have blood pressure issues or certain heart conditions as you don’t want t

Is Shilajit bad for the liver?

No, studies have shown that shilajitcan help fight against liver cancer as it’s toxic to that type of cancer. Additionally, it’s recommended for those with liver disease. Some research suggests it can help the liver to regrow and function better.