Should You Book a Summer Vacation?

Jun/28/2020 / by Beth Deyo

Summer is here, and this usually means it’s time to start planning your annual vacation. However, things are different this year. The COVID-19 pandemic is still affecting people around the world and the number of cases in areas of the United States are hitting daily highs. With this in mind, you’ll want to pause and ask yourself – is taking a summer vacation this year really a good idea?

If you want to make sure you stay as safe as possible, then staying home is probably your best option. In fact, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends against recreational travel at this time, stating that it can increase your chances of being infected with the virus.

Despite this warning, many people are tired of being cooped up in their homes and feel like they need to get away. If you’re really itching to get out of the house and have some fun, you’ll want to take some precautions to help minimize your risk. Here are a few things to think about before you make your summer vacation plans.

Consider a Road Trip

Packing up your vehicle and heading out on a road trip is a much safer option this year. Airports are full of people, which means it’s more difficult to maintain social distancing. You’ll have to stand in security lines, wait in terminals, and come into contact with many high-touch surfaces.

You may have been dreaming of visiting far-away places, but it’s smarter to hold off on this — at least for now. 

While you’re on your road trip, you’ll also want to take extra care when stopping for food, gas, or restroom breaks. Try to stay away from people as much as possible and wash your hands frequently.

Choose Your Destination Carefully

When planning your trip, you’ll also want to carefully consider the current environment in your planned destination. Is the virus currently spreading in that area? Are there any restrictions in place that might impact your experience while you’re there?

Some states currently have rules in place that require people arriving from certain areas to quarantine for 14 days. Many countries are also completely or partially closed to international travelers. Make sure you do your research before choosing your destination. 

Weigh Your Accommodation Options

You’ll also want to consider whether a hotel or an Airbnb is a better option for you. When staying in a hotel, you’re more likely to come into contact with others and will have to comply with the hotel’s COVID restrictions. Renting a single-family home or even an RV might be a better option. You’ll just want to make sure everything is sanitized properly before you arrive.

Make Sure You’re Prepared

Studies show that wearing a mask helps to slow the spread of the virus, so plan to wear one no matter what type of traveling you decide to do. It’s a good idea to pack a few extras for everyone in your party so you’re never caught without one.

You’ll also want to stock up on hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes. These will come in handy when you don’t have access to soap and water.

This year, you have a lot of important decisions to make while considering your summer vacation plans. Ultimately, you’ll want to weigh the potential risks and rewards and do your best to make smart, safe decisions while enjoying your vacation.