Singer Kamakshi Khanna’s Ode to Self-Love in New Single

“Qareeb,” Kamakshi Khanna’s first-ever attempt at writing a Hindi single, is a celebration of self-love for any woman experiencing romance or heartbreak. In an inventive, stop-motion music video that gained nearly 8,000 views on YouTube, the audience follows a woman in a ruby-red, felt dress evolving through various romantic encounters. Time is represented by plush cotton clouds and gold, spinning stars in a woolly night sky. 

Khanna’s music has been described as calming, healing and melodic by her fan base and she wants to maintain this reputation, but she has now taken her songwriting in a new direction by writing about her personal growth over the past few years.

“‘Qareeb’ is an expression of gratitude for every opportunity to love and underlines the message that the most important relationship is the one that you have with yourself,” said Khanna.

The track is inherently personal.

I wrote this song when I was in a relationship where I thought I was happy,” Khanna said in an interview with Platform 15. “But on a deeper level, I was constantly neglecting my needs and the things that I stand for. I wanted to take the same emotion to pay gratitude for how much love teaches us about the world, and how letting go of it helps us rediscover ourselves in new ways each time.”

From her first extended play record, “Much Mellow,” to her latest single, Khanna has been an artist who believes in constantly reinventing and innovating herself, her influences including R&B/Soul, folk, pop, jazz, and Hindustani classical.

The Delhi-based singer-songwriter who has 17,000 Instagram followers, is now experimenting with her sound in a way that is rich and intricate.

What makes [‘Qareeb’] unique is that even though the arrangement, production and vocal ideas are very relevant to what’s going on internationally in the R&B world, the lyrics and melody are reminiscent of 90s indie pop,” Khanna told Platform 15

Khanna has performed at many notable venues, including indie music festivals such as NH7 Weekender Pune and Shillong, VH1 Supersonic in Pune, Rhythm N Blues Festival in Kasauli, Lil Flea Festival in Mumbai and Delhi, and a solo US tour across cities like New York, LA and Austin.

“Qareeb” is available on all streaming platforms.