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1 year ago / by AALIYAH MEHRA
Photo by Nathan Hurst on Unsplash

Summer comes with its pros and cons. One very big concern during summer is, of course, skin care. Here are a few tips to address that.

  1. Wash your face to remove excess oil

It’s a simple tip, but one of the most effective and important ones! You should do this as soon as you come back home from anywhere. During the summer, your skin can get very oily very fast. Removing this build-up of oil and grime on your face is essential to prevent acne, pimples, and other unwanted horrors. Using a gentle, alcohol-free face wash can make sure to wash off any dirt and oil and keep your skin healthy and glowing all through.

  1. Apply sunscreen

Another really simple but often overlooked tip. It’s vital to wear sunscreen ALL the time, whether you’re sitting at home or you’re going out in the sun, it’s a must! The sun’s UV rays are very harmful and can not only give you nasty sunburns, but also give you stubborn tans. Hence, it’s essential to apply sunscreen and protect your skin! Also, try to stay away from direct sunlight. Stand in the shade and use accessories like hats and sunglasses to prevent direct exposure to the sun, especially at midday.

Skin Care for the Summer
  1. Moisturize

Although this may seem similar to the previous tip, it’s still super important ! Keeping your skin hydrated and healthy is one of the bare necessities that will have you looking and feeling great! Hydrating face masks are a great option to use once in a while. Wash your face frequently, or you can carry around a small facial mist around for instant hydration. Another option is to use a light, non-greasy moisturizer since it always does get really humid during summer. Light moisturizers and creams are the best way to go. Also, don’t forget and neglect your lips! Use lip balms and rubs to keep your lips moisturized as well.

  1. Drink lots of water and fresh fruit juices

With the unforgiving summer heat, it’s essential to stay hydrated. So make sure to drink loads of water. It would be a good idea to drink at least a gallon every day. Water does not only help in keeping your body cool, but also flushes out toxins.

  1. Eat smart and clean

It’s very important to have a good diet. What you eat also reflects on your skin. Opt for seasonal fruits and vegetables that are rich in antioxidants. Make use of the abundant summer fruits available in stores and in the closest farmer’s market. Cucumbers and watermelons, which have a high water content, can help to cool your body. With a healthy body, your skin glows, too. Another good idea would be to include vitamin C in your diet, This is amazing for your skin! Some lemon in your glass of water would make the world of a difference. Also include these cooling options in your diet: yogurt, bananas, ginger, and seeds like sunflower and chia seeds! These also contain Omega-3, which is good for your hair, too.

  1. Keep everyday makeup to a minimum 

Heavy makeup blocks the pores and prevents the skin from breathing. So, light powder-based products are best during this season! NEVER sleep with your makeup on! It traps all the dirt in the skin and can cause long-term damage to it. So follow that bedtime routine diligently.

Skin Care for the Summer
  1. Change linen regularly

Experts recommend changing your sheets and pillow covers every week. This is important because, over time, dirt, dead skin cells, body oils and dust mites collect in them. If we don’t change our sheets regularly, we are basically sleeping in all of that. That irritate your skin, leading to dry skin, inflammations, infections, acne, and pimples!

  1. Exercise

This could be anything that feels right! A walk, a run or any other form of exercise that makes you feel good! Exercise helps in increasing blood flow to the skin cells, nourishing them and helping your skin glow! It also helps to efficiently remove toxins from your skin more efficiently. So, if you needed a push to start exercising a bit, this is it!

  1. Use night masks

Using the night for your skin care is smart ! You can use a night cream or an overnight face mask before sleeping. Let this work its magic while you have a good night’s sleep.

  1. Don’t forget to exfoliate

Exfoliating is very important, especially in summer, when your skin can get oily and sweaty fast. Exfoliating can help to open up blocked pores and remove oils that lead to acne, preventing breakouts! Since it also unclogs your pores, it helps your moisturizer to work more efficiently and also provides an instant glow!

We hope these will help your skin feel and look better this summer — and every summer hereon!