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Slice of Home

May/03/2024 / by Team Seema

Indian-inspired pizza is really cooking

Pizza is one of the most ubiquitous and internationally beloved foods in the world. The dough began to rise in the early 18th century in Naples, Italy, and today countless cuisines adopt the fan favorite, adding their own flavor twists, including South Asia. But Indian pizza is not a new invention. The staple, in some places a version called “Thalipeeth” and others “Desi Pizza,” was introduced to parts of India by travelers and quickly morphed from Italian Margherita to transport Paneers and Masala sauces to suit Indian tastes. 

The milder Italian versions quickly were infused with bolder flavors and more spices to reflect the palates of local cuisines in and around South Asia. Like most food stories big Agra or international food chains played a major role in pizza becoming an Indian staple. In the 1990’s Dominoes, Pizza Hut, and Papa John’s popped up across India and offered home delivery making pizza easy and accessible. 

With convenience, affordability, and easy customization, pizza is a culinary wonder. So it’s no surprise the mash up beloved Indian dishes and this Italian favorite are now becoming the most popular slice stateside. With a simple Google search, you’ll see every city has its “best Indian pizza” list, with even the most traditional pie shops getting in on the action. Masalas, paneer, and samosa win out for most popular toppings from London to New York, but options are endless. 

From the Curry Pizza Company you can order Butter Chicken Pizza or a Samosa Smash. Craving deep-dish? In Chicago, Pizza with a Twist offers deep-dish Indian style with Paneer, or from the Modern Indian Kitchen Moti you can order their fan fave Tikka Pizza. 

Feel like rolling out your own? We got you covered.


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