Smita Pillai Works Hard To Implement Diversity International Growth Equity and Inclusion

Smita Pillai
Image credits: Hannah Busing via Unsplash

Being part of the leadership of prosperous fortune 50 companies isn’t the easiest thing to do. Let alone set the tone for excellence. Smita Pillai works her innovative thinking to help craft diversity, equity and inclusion in some of the top companies across the world.

About Smita Pillai

Her bibliography is a forward-thinker and valuable asset to various thriving fortune 50 establishments. She was born in India and later relocated to the United States of America.

She worked with numerous companies, including Zendesk, The Wall Street Journal and Dow Jones. Born and raised in India, her business talents saw her climb the ladder in achieving success and establishing diversity within workplaces.

Smita Pillai achieved a Master’s Degree in International Business in India and later a Wharton Executive Education Certificate for Strategic Management. 

Awards and Achievements

Smita Pillai profession in business and as a thought leader has brought about various achievements. Some of her awards include Top 100 DEI Influencers and Leaders, Leadership Excellence Awards Tri-State Diversity and Leadership, WSI Women In Conference and Diversity and Diversity Best Practices, to name a few.

Fun Facts

Smita Pillai worked in Dubai, Tokyo, New York, Florida, Mumbai and Singapore. Due to her international marketing, management and business experience, she considers herself a “global citizen”.


Who is Smita Pallai married to?

We’re not sure who Smita’s husband is, but she is happily married with three children and lives in New Jersey.

Where was Smita Pallai born?

Smita was born in India.

What is Smita Pallai net worth?

Smita’s net worth is not disclosed.

When did Smita Pallai start her career?

Smita’s career kicked off the moment she graduated.

Conclusion To Smita Pillai

Smita Pillai inspires many, especially since she is South Asian and is living proof of a successful career with hard work. She spreads positivity wherever she goes in the workplace and in her personal life.

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