Some of the Screen’s Best Friendships on National Best Friends Day

Jun/08/2021 / by Cate Reynolds

Happy National Best Friends Day! Today is one of those days that quickly flies under the radar, but should be one to take note of. We often forget to acknowledge how lucky we are to have the friends that we do. And this is one of those days that gives us the opportunity to celebrate their presence in our lives and recognize the special bond you shared (especially now that we have less opportunities to see them).

Through the ups and downs of fictional movie magic, these on-screen friendships have persevered. Here on SEEMA, to ring in National Best Friends Day, we’re taking a look at five of our favorite friendships from the world of cinema, spanning across India, Afghanistan, France, and the United States. Also, all of these are fantastic works of art that merit inclusion just based on the quality of their content alone, so even better.


National Best Friends Day Reco #1: Rang De Basanti (2006)

This Bollywood film is frequently cited as one of the finest examples of Hindi movie-making and continues to receive acclaim. And for good reason, it’s got all the ingredients. Revolutionaries? Yes. Emotional death scenes? Yes. Five friends who bring new meaning to the phrase “together till the end?” Very much so. This movie is a testament to how common goals and ideals can bring people together and create unity.
Credit: Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra Pictures


Reco #2 The Kite Runner (2007)

Based on the highly successful novel by Khaled Hosseini, this movie is a tough one to watch, and its messages on friendship are a little murky. The Afghanistan-set story of the two leads, Amir and Hassan, is hard to swallow, as it involves deceit, assault, and trauma. But it’s about how you realize the value of a good relationship that counts, leaving you with a lesson that implores you to stand up for those you care for and ultimately do the good thing.
Credit: Paramount Movies


National Best Friends Day Reco #3 The Intouchables (2011)

For those familiar with world cinema, the French “The Intouchables” is a pretty obvious choice for inclusion. Philippe is a wealthy quadriplegic who employs Driss as a live-in caregiver. Both learn to look past their vastly differing paths and appreciate their cultures, learning to let go and embrace life. The movie is a hilarious and touching reminder of how bonds can be created between even the most contrasting personalities if they can grow to understand each other.
Credit: Gaumont


Reco #4 Thelma & Louise (1991)

One of the most iconic examples of female friendships in cinema, “Thelma & Louise” is really all your buddy movies rolled into one. The two central characters, Thelma and Louise, overcome several hurdles to be able to be with each other, the person they’re most comfortable with. It’s a road trip gone wrong in many ways, but it gives us some truly memorable moments and two heroines you can’t help but root for, even through questionable decision-making.
Credit: MGM


National Best Friends Day #5 Dil Chahta Hai (2001)

This Bollywood film is the typical road-trip flick, one you’d enjoy on a trip with the boys over and over (and you know we had to include it). The film tells the story of three college-graduates, Akash, Sid, and Sameer, who all go through major changes in their lives, with romances and careers on the line. But through it all, their bonds with each other continue to rely on each other as means for stability, and they create one of the most beloved trios in Hindi cinema.
Credit: Excel Entertainment/Netflix India

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