Somy Ali’s Achievements in Fighting Sex Trafficking and Domestic Violence

Jun/22/2023 / by Team Seema
Image credits: The Celebs Fact via Flickr

Somy Ali is a Bollywood actress who took the initiative to work with abuse survivors and rescue people from sex trafficking and domestic violence regardless of gender. She is also the founder of an organization called No More Tears. Actress Somy Ali is coming up with a documentary highlighting the things that abuse and trafficking victims go through. This documentary is called Fight or Flight.

Somy Ali is a survivor of domestic violence, sexual abuse, and rape. Due to the pain she went through in her teenage years, she started the No More Tears non-profit organization to rescue and empower the victims. This organization has provided immediate and direct support to over 30,000 victims.

Achievements of Actress Somy Ali

In 2011, Somy was given the American Heritage Award for her great work in helping the community. This award was from the American Immigration Council. President George Bush also gave her the Daily Point of Light Award in 2015. Later, President Barack Obama gave her a National Domestic Violence Month accolade. She has been holding high titles in her career.

Biography of Somy Ali

Born in 1976, Somy Ali originated in Pakistan. The age of Somy Ali is currently 46 years. She was born to a Pakistani father and an Iraqi mother. She schooled in a high school called Convent of Jesus & Mary in Karachi until she was seven years. They later relocated to the USA, where she furthered her education. She took education seriously and has a filmmaking, journalism, and psychology degree. She schooled in several universities, including Nova Southeastern University, Connecticut School, University of Miami, and New York Film Academy.

In 1991, Somy Ali was inspired by her crush, Salman Khan, a Bollywood actor. At that time, she was 16 years old and became part of this famous film industry. During her time there, she appeared in around 10 Hindi Movies. These movies include Krishan Avtaar, Mafia, Andolan, Yaar Gaddar, and Aao Pyaar Karen. Ali was taking on major roles alongside other famous actors. They later dated Salman Khan until she terminated the relationship. Ali was also engaged to a man called Gulshan Grover for almost a year.

About Somy Ali

Somy Ali has produced several documentaries tackling topics like teenage suicide, abortion, the lives of Muslim women, and domestic violence. Cineflix Productions produce her latest documentary, and the executive producers are Diana Nolan, J.C. Mills, and David Casey. Somy has three personal quotes that drive her. One of them states that apathy is not acceptable. The other states that she refuses to see suffering and injustices and does nothing. And the last quote states that we must help the less fortunate individuals. Ali is also an ambitious lady who founded a clothing brand called So-Me Designs.


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