Sonia Aggarwal: Energy and Climate Change Expert

1 year ago / by Habibur Shohon
sonia aggarwal
Image credits: LinkedIn

In January 2021, Sonia Aggarwal was appointed as Senior Advisor to the US President, Joe Biden for Climate Policy and Innovation. If one were to ask what is the profession of Sonia Aggarwal, it would be apt to say that she is a policy advisor and an energy and climate change expert.

There is news on her that prior to this appointment, she was Co-founder and Vice President of Energy Innovation. 

With Energy Innovation, she led the organization’s policy programs. According to her profile in LinkedIn, with Energy Innovation she developed America’s Power Plan – an effort involving more than 200 of the nation’s experts in electricity policy to develop a set of policies, markets, and business models that will accelerate the transition to clean energy.

 She also has had experience of managing global research at ClimateWorks Foundation where she advised on many clean energy initiatives.  A biography of Sonia Aggarwal should also state that during that tenure she worked on the McKinsey carbon abatement cost curves and led research for the American Energy Innovation Council

While talking about Sonia Aggarwal it should be mentioned that she did her BS in astronomy and physics from Haverford College, Pennsylvania. She did her Masters of Science from Stanford University, in civil and environmental engineering – atmosphere and energy.

FAQs About Sonia Aggarwal

Who is she married to?

A report dated 31st January 2021 stated that she was married to Jordan MacHardy, an engineer specializing in robotics.  

Where was she born?

Sonia Aggarwal was born and also raised in the Ohio state of the US. While talking about Sonia Aggarwal age of her may also invite curiosity among many. Her age is 37 years.

What is her net worth?

There is no authentic news in public domain about her net worth.

When did she start her career?

She began her career in 2003, with Perry Nuclear Power Plant in the US.