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Nov/02/2021 / by RASHMI GOPAL RAO

“My experience with sound therapy has been so profound that words do not do justice. I am no longer in a mad rush to do things nor to be in the rat race. I am content with myself having experienced inner peace which I thought was so elusive. After my sessions with Advait Danke, my nature of compulsiveness has just waned.”

Advait Danke

That was Meghna Hiran, 32, a Mumbai-based advertising professional turned writer. She added that these sessions have benefited her family, particularly her father, who experienced a major relief from physical pain caused by a chronic illness.

Catalyzing Spiritual Awakening

Many have benefited from the sessions of Advait Danke, an internationally certified Ayurvedic sound and music therapist. The 24-year-old from Mumbai is popularly known as a spiritual catalyst and a sound alchemist and has been teaching and facilitating the art of Nada Yoga, Ayurveda and meditation since February 2018. Danke is a computer engineer by qualification, and was a practicing DJ / electronic musician before things changed for him.

“My spiritual and wellness journey started with an authentic search to find the true purpose and meaning of life while I was studying and touring as a DJ and a music producer. I was unhappy, lost and was living in fear, anxiety and total confusion” says Danke. “I visited a local meditation camp wherein I went through a series of experiences of silence, compassion, empathy and completeness and this was a turning point for me to seek deeper experiences.”

There has been no looking back since then and Danke has been on a mission to catalyze spiritual awakening and expansion of consciousness through sound, devotion and Nada Yoga. It has helped people grow spiritually while experiencing abundance, love, happiness and wellness.

Danke’s focus has always been to be a catalyst in identifying and creating an environment that is conducive for an individual to evolve and transform one’s body, mind and consciousness with sound and music.

“Inherently, every living being has its own healing and repair mechanism which can be activated optimally with the right vibrations and environment. Right now, our healing system is not performing at its natural resonance because we are living in a state of constant stress, fear and anxiety. With the correct intervention of sounds and frequencies, we can bring anyone back to their natural state of harmony and resonance.”


Science of Sound and Music Therapy

According to science, everything in the universe is in a constant state of vibration, and the human body is like a frequency antenna that receives and broadcasts these vibrations. Scientifically, these vibrations have the capacity to act at a cellular level.

“It is akin to listening to music,” says Danke. “If we are listening to fast music, our mood lightens up and we start following the rhythm and patterns of the beat. If the beat is slow and relaxing, our mood instantly changes and resonates with the emotion of the rhythm. These changes are observed at the biological and psychological levels. The healing sounds created by the singing bowls are broadly categorized as sattvic sounds per Ayurveda and Nada Yoga. These sattvic sounds enhance the purity in our body-mind which helps us flush out toxins and stuck vibrations. Hence, we move from disorder to order and feel the harmony within. The positive changes are such that we become more calm, peaceful, productive, achieve clarity, all of which help improve the quality of life.

Sound will be the medicine of the future.

Edgar Cayce

Meeta Gandhi, a professor in an engineering college in Mumbai, vouches for the benefits of sound therapy.

“I was diagnosed with severe back pain which has completely healed with just one session of Advait’s sound therapy,” says Gandhi. “He has devised personalized sound tracks for my sister, daughter and myself which has helped us immensely. My productivity has increased and I feel energized all the time.

Advait Danke demonstrating sound therapy
Advait Danke demonstrating sound therapy

Nada Yoga, an Effective Tool

According to Danke, Nada Yoga is an effective way to sharpen spiritual awareness by eliminating negativity and clutter. To achieve this, tools and techniques from meditation and sound therapy are used to balance the body, mind, and heart, improve the aura collectively and keep emotions and energies in harmony. This positively affects the internal systems that control the ‘flight-or- fight’ and ‘rest and digest’ responses of the nervous system. This results in deep relaxation of the body, after which the mind starts to stabilize which enhances the body’s healing capacity. The stress and anxiety levels reduce considerably and there is a deep sense of rest in the body-mind system which balances moods and emotions. Further, scientific research now establishes the fact that practicing meditation and yoga greatly balances the heart rate, metabolic activities, breathing and immunity levels.

With numerous awards and certifications to his credit, Danke has conducted close to 200 sessions and has impacted the lives of more than 3000 people. His sessions are 30 to 60 minutes long and are personalized as per the requirements, personality and behavioral patterns of the clients.


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