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Split Decision

Jun/07/2024 / by Team Seema

India’s historic election points to the power and diverse preferences of women voters 

In India’s 2024 election, a powerful force determined the next leaders of the world’s largest democracy: women voters. For the first time, women outnumbered men at the ballot box in many states, and their votes proved decisive—if not always unified. “Women are voting as a bloc but not for the same parties across the country,” said political analyst Nistula Hebbar in an interview with The Hindu. In Karnataka, high turnout among women may boost the Congress party, whose state government has introduced popular women-centric schemes like free bus travel and income support. 

“The women’s vote has acquired the variation earlier accorded only to men,” Hebbar noted. “Women’s voting preferences have become crucial.”

With women casting ballots in record numbers from Tamil Nadu to Uttar Pradesh, and their support varying by state, one thing is clear: the voice of India’s women have a new political power.


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