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The Spring Edit

3 months ago / by Rashmi Gopal Rao

A few ways to refresh your home for the season

Springcleaning in progress

Spring is perhaps nature’s way of saying, “Let’s party”! A time for new beginnings and a fresh burst of color, spring is associated with greenery, beautiful flowers and a refreshing vibe.  It is a time to bid adieu to dark, dreary winter, and to greet warmer, brighter days. What better way to welcome this season than by revitalizing your home.  You need no major changes. A few tweaks can make your home a vivacious, sprightly space.

Keep It Light and Clean

Cleaning and decluttering can make your home come alive. Put away extra rugs, blankets, pillows and the rest that you used only in winter. It is natural to accumulate stuff during the year, but it is also important to periodically reduce the clutter. Spring cleaning keeps your house tidy and organized. Switch the heavy drapes, opting for something light and fresh — like linen. Rearrange the furniture to leverage natural light. Give your cushions a new lease of life by changing the covers to something breezy and vibrant.

Color Me Happy

Choose cheery colors — yellows, muted pink, mint green etc. — for furnishings like cushion covers and drapes. Prints, such as those of flowers, botanicals and even vintage patterns, add energy to a space. New paint can give the walls a new, invigorating look. If you find painting tedious, highlight a wall using accent wall paper. Natural motifs or tropical prints add a pleasing texture and refresh your space.

Bring the Outdoors In

Spring is intrinsically associated with colorful flowers, and nothing screams spring like fresh daisies, chrysanthemums, daffodils and tulips. It is also when green leaves pop up on your shrubs and bushes.  Decorating your space with fresh garden flowers is a quick way to infuse a pop of color. Combine it with greens and you have a great bouquet. Place indoor plants, such as air plants, pothos and palms, in corners to ensure a tropical ambience. Switch the pine cones and candles on your center table, maybe with a bonsai or a tall floral arrangement. Paint your planters afresh to give them a new look. Or shop for some ceramic pottery to give your interiors an aesthetic yet rustic vibe. 

Natural Textures

Bamboo, jute, cane, rattan and wicker are natural elements that give your space a casual yet chic vibe.  Swap woolen rugs and carpets for a jute rug or even a wicker mat. Also decorate your foyer with natural textures to make it look airy and sunny. A cane coat hanger or a bamboo chair in the foyer as an accent piece, refreshing your space. Make it beautiful with a chair with a linen throw. Bright floor cushions finished in cotton and jute are again a good way to bring spring vibes into your home.

Reorganize Your Patio, Deck and Kitchen

This is a time to enjoy the outdoors. So revamping your deck and patio is a good idea. English fencing, durable outdoor furniture, potted flowering plants as well as outdoor pillows are some easy ways to give your porch a new look. If you have the budget, install some azulejo-like tiles on the walls. Or add some hanging plants.

The kitchen is a great place to incorporate some cheerful spring vibes. Decorate open shelves with potted plants, such as herbs like basil, coriander, green chillies and the like. Throw in some rustic flower vases, vintage-themed boards and some spring-themed kitchen towels to bring in the colors of the season.