Sri Lanka’s Beauty Queen: Maureen Hingert

Aug/03/2023 / by Team Seema
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Credited as the woman who placed Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon) on the map, Maureen Hingert has accomplished a lot. Get to know her.

As a result of her outstanding performance in the Mission Universe Contest, she has been widely recognized as “placing Sri Lanka on the radar” and as an advocate for her home nation, Sri Lanka. This article addresses both the professional and personal accomplishments of her.

Biographical of Maureen Hingert

She entered the world on January 9, 1937, in Colombo, Ceylon. Her Dutch Burgher background comes from her parents, Lionel Hingert and Lorna Mabel del Run. A former employee of the Bank of Ceylon, her father, is often cited as an inspiration for her career path. She spent her formative years in the Holy Family Convent in Bambalapitiya, Colombo. After moving to the United States, she attended university in Los Angeles.

About Maureen Hingert Career

She won the miss Ceylon contest in 1955 and was consequently picked to compete in the 1955 Miss Universe competition. Second runner-up Maureen Hingert in 1955, was the only Ceylonese contestant to ever receive a prize in the Miss Universe competition. Due to her high ranking in the Miss Universe Pageant, She has long been regarded as “putting Ceylon on the map” and serving as an ambassador for her home country (now known as Sri Lanka).

After winning the competition, Universal International Studios and 20th Century Fox offered contracts to her.

She has appeared in several films, including Halk Moth, The King and I, Gunman from Laredo, Fort Bowie, Moroccan Pillars of the Sky, Gun Fever, Dangerous Search, and The Rawhide Trail, The Adventures of Hiram Holiday, as well as the British television series Captain David Grieve. In addition to her acting career, she was a dancer who performed at the Shrine Auditorium and other notable Los Angeles locations.

Personal Life

In 1958, she wed American fashion designer and visual artist Mario Armond Zamparelli. Zamparelli was most well-known for designing Howard Hughes’ empire. One of Maureen Hingert and Zamarelli’s three daughters, Gina Zamparelli (deceased in 2018), attained recognition in the entertainment and arts industry and was engaged in historic preservation.

She divorced Zamparelli in July 1970 and married William J. Ballard in Los Angeles in 1976. Ballard died in 2012.

Maureen Hingert Net Worth

The estimated net worth or income of her is between $1 Million and $5 Million. She has amassed a substantial sum of cash through her work as a Dancer.

News on Maureen Hingert

She lives a very private life. So far, she hasn’t made the news.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Maureen Hingert from?

She is from Sri Lanka

When did Maureen Hingert start her career?

She started her career in 1955 after participating in a beauty pageant.

Is she married?

She has been married twice. But she’s currently a widow after her husband died in 2012.


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