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Sticking to Your New Year Resolutions

5 months ago / by Nancy Amon

8 tips to ensure you stay motivated, and that you start seeing some great results

We’ve all been there. One moment we’re ready and pumped to set the tone with a fitness new year’s resolution, the next, we’re completely unmotivated. Most people tend to set their resolutions at the beginning of the year to start afresh. While this is most people’s ambition, not everyone goes through with their new years goals because they lose track of sight along the way.

Here are some easy ways to stick through your new year’s resolution involving fitness.

Why do people not go through with their New Year’s resolutions? These are some reasons why people don’t stick with what they had planned:

  • The motivation tends to run dry.
  • Perhaps the goal was too unrealistic for a reasonable outcome.
  • Not enough time was spent preparing for the process.
  • There was little to no self-esteem involved.

So here is what you need to do:

#1 Have a Plan of Action

Before starting your wellness new year’s resolution, plan worked out and how you will go through with your plan. For instance, your exercise days are Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. Decide on a time and follow through.

You may also have a nutrition change in mind and perhaps are looking to give up sodas. As a realistic way to go, maybe start with reducing your glasses in a day until you eliminate them.

#2 Set up Your Own Systems

There are many ways to activate your new year’s goal for fitness. Using systems helps you achieve your goal without pushing willpower to 100 percent. Try fitness applications, diet plans, and sleep apps to help you with your goal toward your journey.

#3 Get a Partner

One of the best ways to stay motivated is to get someone to join you in your program. People tend to be more motivated when they can encourage each other to keep going.

Working out alone can sometimes result in boredom. A fitness trainer can also help people stick to their fitness training.

#4 Consider Non-Scale Victories

If your goal is to lose weight and keep the weight off, then monitor non-scale victories, too. Don’t just think about the numbers on the scale. They are not all there is to health and wellness.

Consider factors like feeling more refreshed and well-rested, less tired during the day, more alert, happier, and no longer craving junk food.

#5 Let the Goal Motivate You

Remember why you’ve made the new year’s resolution. Perhaps you want to give up a habit like smoking or drinking. Remember your goal each time you’re not feeling motivated.

#6 Avoid Unrealistic Goals

One reason resolutions fail is because of unrealistic goals. It’s easy to set the bar too high when you’re looking for instantly losing weight or looking in shape. Being unrealistic is one of the quickest ways to derail your motivation.

#7 Reward Yourself

One way to improve motivation is by going the extra mile and spoiling yourself with something nice. A reward helps reinstall the will to keep going, and gives you a “well done” pat on the back.

Since you’re trying to maintain your fitness resolution, consider something like clothes, jewelry, or something other than food. Since it is tempting to go with your favorite sweet treats, know that it will hamper your weight loss plans.

#8 Get a Gym Membership

Having a gym membership will ensure that you get your workouts each week. It works because you can go even when the weather is cold outside. Imagine not having a gym membership and not being able to keep gym exercise equipment because space is limited. That makes it easy not to go out and exercise due to the weather restrictions and lack of equipment.

Closing Thoughts

A new year resolution may help you to improve in parts of your life you may not even have thought needed improving. Achieving your wellness goal set for 2023 will be one of the most satisfying and happiest moments to celebrate.