Streetwear Style: Tips for Best Streetwear Style for Yourself

Dec/21/2022 / by Team SEEMA
Streetwear Style
Image credits: Victoria_Watercolor via Pixabay

Streetwear Fashion

If you see people on the street wearing clothing that reflects their interests, lifestyle, or neighborhood, you’re likely witnessing casual street style at its finest.

It’s no secret that streetwear is one of the most influential and rapidly growing aspects of the fashion industry. The Business of Fashion asserts that the casual street style industry was worth an astounding $309 billion in 2017. A Hypebeast survey revealed that 45% of customers say that purchase some type of streetwear clothing at least monthly, and 62% of the consumers states that they think streetwear items are always on-trend. These percentages indicate that street style is here to stay.

What Is Streetwear?

You may think the definition of streetwear is simple. The fashion industry asserts that street fashion is worn by people who keep up with popular culture. Most of the people who take advantage of streetwear are consumers under the age of 30. These consumers usually live in urban areas, and are part of a subculture such as hip-hop or skateboarding.

The fashion industry faces a bit of a challenge when it comes to defining streetwear fashion. There are several subcultural influences that are evident in the clothing, so it’s easy to see which consumers are interested in a certain genre of music or a particular sport. Customers of streetwear span across income levels and socioeconomic status, so everyone from schoolkids to wealthy business owners can take advantage of this trend.

While streetwear is carefree in appearance, the style is anything but lazy. Society in general is leaning more toward casual clothing styles these days. This means that expensive t-shirts and trendy sneakers, which are streetwear staples, will likely continue to remain popular and have significant meaning for its consumers.

What You Need to Know About Streetwear

If you have some streetwear pieces you want to show off or you’re interested in trying this style, you’re in luck, since this timeless fashion choice can make any outfit more interesting.

Streetwear is dominating fashion right now and there are plenty of online images you can rely on to get information about how to wear your streetwear pieces. Of course, you can also look to your favorite celebrities to get ideas for how to wear your tops, jeans, shoes, and coats.

Here are a few celebrities who are turning heads with their streetwear clothing choices.

Colorful Outerwear

Now that the popular movie ‘The Matrix’ is coming back to the big screen, you’re likely to see some clothing pieces that are reminiscent of this cult classic. You can wear a long trench coat in faux leather, but the streetwear trend has been updated to include vivid colors.

Instead of opting for a black coat, go for a green, red, or yellow coat like the ones you may have seen on singer and business mogul Rihanna. If you want to include a Japanese influence in your streetwear, a kimono-style jacket is an ideal finishing touch for any outfit.

Oversized Hoodies

It is important to remember that style trends change often and likely don’t last forever. While streetwear remains popular throughout the years, there are some pieces that are more dated than others. However, Japanese streetwear style has remained consistent.

This trend consists of oversized hoodies, knee-high socks, tennis shoes, and long shorts. These pieces are ideal for summer street style since they can keep you cool in the warm weather. Most people who follow this trend go for white or black clothing, but you can choose whichever colors you like to participate in this stylish streetwear look. While this look is inspired by Japanese popular culture, singer Billie Eilish has continued to make the trend popular in the US. If you’re wearing a neutral color, you can add a pop of neon color to make your outfit more interesting. A quality pair of sneakers helps to pull the whole outfit together. It’s not likely that the trend will go out of style any time soon.

Loose-Fitting Professional Wear

This trend is also inspired by ‘The Matrix’ and is both casual and dressy. Models like Bella Hadid have been seen rocking this look and often mixes a business suit with trendy tennis shoes for a look that is both polished and functional.

You may also want to finish off the look with a brightly colored shoe. Tennis shoes in red, blue, or jewel tones are the perfect accessory for a black, gray, or white suit.

A Sportswear Mix

A mix of athletic wear and upscale casual pieces also has its place in streetwear style. This aspect of street fashion is more US-based and has been seen on celebrities like Teyana Taylor. She has been known to pair classic pieces like oversized denim jackets with a jersey dress and trucker hat. While this may sound like too many clothing pieces that don’t go together, the items come together nicely to display comfortable, edgy style. Clothing in a neutral color with metallic jewelry is another aspect of street style that Taylor can continued to make popular.

Outfits Without Logos

In decades past, fashion was largely centered on name-brand items and the display of logos for status purposes. However, celebrities like Kaia Gerber are displaying street style without showing off brand names. Gerber’s sweatsuit and even her shoes don’t display an apparent logo, but she looks completely put together and ready for a productive day. This trend is also ideal if you’re shopping on a budget and want to wear clothing pieces inspired by your favorite designers.

Here’s to looking and feeling your best!


How do I select a perfect streetwear style?

Streetwear style allows you to express yourself with stylish and casual clothing. Oversized hoodies are a staple for street wear style, and you can pair the outerwear with tights or jeans that are both comfortable and visually appealing. Oversized denim jackets are an important part of street style clothing as well.

What are the colors of streetwear style?

Classic streewear style pieces are black, gray, or navy. However, you can find several streetwear fashion pieces in pastel shades or even in striking colors like cherry red or cobalt blue to make your stylish clothing items stand out.

Are sports shoes considered streetwear fashion?

Since street style fashion is essential the purchasing and selling of casual fashion items, sports shoes or tennis shoes are an integral part of pulling your streetwear look together. Trendy and vintage tennis shoes are on-trend for street fashion and pair nicely with vintage t-shirts or sweatshirts.