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Striking Gold

May/03/2024 / by Team Seema

How one designer turned her Covid-era creativity into lasting tradition

Jewelry is often about so much more than fashion. Often passed from generation to generation, the stories associated with necklaces, earrings, and rings come infused with love and family values. That’s what inspired Subikksha Balaje to create her own jewelry brand, focused on affordable, but elegant pieces that could be continued to be passed down through generations. 

A former data scientist who embarked on a creative journey during the COVID-19 pandemic, Balaje grew up in Southern India where gifting milestone jewelry was a cherished tradition, typically accompanied by family stories. Disappointed with the quality and pricing of modern heirloom-quality jewelry available on the market today, she began sketching her own designs.

After crafting her first piece of jewelry, Subikksha recognized the potential to create her own line, and created Goldstories in June 2021. Each Goldstories piece is handcrafted by Subikksha and artisans in California, using solid 14K gold, recycled materials, and ethically-sourced stones. Drawing inspiration from her love of culture, travel, family heritage, nature, and storytelling, Subikksha designs each piece with the intention of everyday wear and lasting for generations.

Gold and Sapphire Cuff, $3,000

Sun Pendant, $1,200

Intertwined Ring, $850


“In my family, gold wasn’t just a metal; it was seen as an investment. When times got tough, having gold proved to be practical. I wanted to break the tradition of keeping these ‘investments’ locked away for special occasions.” – Subikksha Balaje


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