Strutting Your Stuff Boho Style

Apr/07/2022 / by Melanie Fourie
Boho style
Image credits: themoderngypsydiaries via Pixabay

Boho style is an acronym for bohemian style. So what exactly does boho style entail? It refers to a look that essentially epitomizes the hippie or gypsy-like aesthetic of the 60’s and 70’s. Free spirited women back then clad themselves in peasant tunics, tiered flowing skirts, maxi dresses, lace and crocheted garments, fringed apparel and an array of ethnic jewelry. However, that’s not all, as boho style also saw the advent of fringed handbags, boots and soft embroidered garments. Bohemian style made a comeback in the year 2000, and is worn by celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Kate Moss. 

Nowadays, it tends to be a tad more extravagant than its former hippie variation. Some world-renowned fashion houses currently retailing bohemian style clothing include Anthropologie, FillyBoo and Reformation. These brands have essentially brought to life the delicacy of these vintage looks, initially inspired by artists and eccentrics from the 60’s and 70’s. Bohemian style has also spilled over onto the wedding scene, as brides increasingly opt for that whimsical, charming and carefree look. If you’ve been thinking about going for some boho chic but don’t know where to find inspiration, have a look at the following guide on how you can achieve this feminine free-spirited look. 

Your Bohemian Style Guide

The following is a guide on what you could do to get some boho style.  

Bohemian Style Tops

Boho chic tops comes in a variety of styles, prints and hues. Try wearing a black off-the-shoulder asymmetrical, flowing top with a long pendant necklace. You can also pair this with some skinny jeans, and a warm earthy toned knee-high boot. If you’re looking for something comfortable with some smart casual flair, this ensemble’s for you.

You could try a chiffon animal print floating top for some feminine appeal. Pair this with leggings. Or add a belt to help accentuate your waistline. Or wear this top with a pair of shorts instead. Be sure to accessorize with a pair of hooped earrings too. A pair of brown fur-trimmed boots may also complement this look pretty well. 

For an alternative look, wear a white floral top, preferably with some lace trim and a sheer camisole underneath. A light or stone-colored denim shorts goes well with this too, as well as a pair of earthy colored feather earrings. You could also try to match your earrings with an earth-toned bracelet. This look is ideal for those balmy spring or summer days. 

Paisley floral boho style tops are all the craze for a while now. This bohemian style is effortlessly delicate, and best worn with a pair of leggings or skinny jeans. These tops are usually longer length, and flows toward the thigh. It’s an off-the-shoulder style and held up with delicate spaghetti straps. Its sleeves are also usually bell-shaped. Wearing this is also exceptionally comfortable. 

Opt for boho fashion like a white or cream lace top. Be sure to wear a camisole underneath this, and pair it with a light blue skinny jeans and a pair of cream Western boots. This look is playful, yet feminine. 

Boho fashion caters to all seasons, so don’t forget to add some hoodies to your boho style collection. Bohemian style is ultra-feminine. It’s therefore no surprise that you can buy boho style off-the-shoulder hoodies with floral hood accents too. Don one of these with a denim shorts or jeans, and a pair of studded Western boots, and you’re good to go. 

Wear a black top with a delicate lace trim and a pair of grey leggings and black clog strappy sandals, for a laid back boho chic look. Tie dye tops have become ever so popular with boho trends as well. These are usually long, and can therefore be worn as a short dress, or with a pair of leggings or jeggings. 

Waterfall boho tops are all the craze with bohemian apparel too. These usually come in sheer fabrics like chiffon. You may wear this with a tank top underneath and a pair of leather fringe sandals. Some warmer boho tops include knit asymmetrical tops, with lace trim for added elegance. These are great to wear with warm leggings and a pair of fur-trim snow boots. 

Bohemian style would not be complete without its beautiful evening tops. For a trendy and elegant boho edge, buy off-the-shoulder crushed velvet tops with bell sleeves. You can then pair this with leggings and cork sandals. 

Bohemian style tops are also synonymous with long chiffon ruffle tops that can be worn as short dresses. These are well matched with skinny jeans and leggings too. You can also pair some denim shorts, with a gypsy-style t-shirt with lace along the neckline and sleeves.

One other classic Bohemian style shirt is the printed top with Chinese collar. These classic shirts are best worn with stiletto knee-high boots and a pair of shimmer leggings for added glam appeal. The high low top is also popular with those who love to follow bohemian style clothing. You can wear this with a short skirt, a skinny jeans or some shorts if you prefer. 

Ideas for Bohemian Style Pants

Every bohemian diva should have some boho pants as a permanent fixture in her closet. The harem or Aladdin pants is a staple here. These come in a range of designs and colors, so you can pair them with an equally wide range of tops. Harem pants come with a stretchy waist and elasticated ankles too. They are perfect for those relaxing moments spent on the beach or just lounging around. Some of the most aesthetically appealing harem pants are the ones with a Thai print. 

The palazzo pants also falls under the boho pants radar. These are synonymous with a flared leg, and some have a tribal band on the front waist with an elastic at the back. Thai overlay pants are also classified as boho style. These unique garments are a combination of a pants and skirt, and have a solid waistband in the front too. They are exceptionally stylish, and come in a variety of bold prints, colors and fabric. 

Flared pants are another boho pants type. These sport a three-tiered flowing leg, a tie band and an elastic waist. Floral and Bali printed flared pants are very popular with Bohemian style divas too. 

If you want to go for the ultimate in boho pants, you have to try the umbrella pants. Like most boho pants, it has a broad elasticated waist, plus legs the size of an actual flowing skirt on each side. The wrap pants is another boho favorite. These are usually worn in light colors with floral prints. It also has side flaps where you can tie the pants together in the front. The legs with this pants are wide, yet not as broad as a flare legged boho pants. 

Your boho pants ensemble would also not be complete without a chill pants. As the name suggests, these pants are ideal for relaxation. Chill pants have an elasticated waist band and a draw string. 

Leggings, as mentioned in the boho top section, are also a staple for any boho fashionista’s wardrobe. As discussed, these can be dressed up or down. They are also ideal to wear with day or evening wear, plus you can wear this when exercising too. 

The drop-crotch boho pants is another fashion staple. These are usually made with cotton and have, as the name suggests, a drop or lowered crotch section. It also has a broad, solid band with a front draw string. Its ankles are also usually elasticated. 

Cuff pants are also popular with those who love to follow boho trends. These pants have a turn-over waistline. Also, the hems or ankles are cuffed.  Cuffed variations are suitable for cycling and outdoor activities.  The fisherman’s pants is another favorite amongst boho fashionistas. These pants are fused with a skirt. Fisherman’s pants are mostly made of sheer material such as georgette or chiffon. It has a drawstring waistband and an elasticized back. 

Gypsy Dresses

Floral kimonos are a popular boho trend. These garments are usually longer length ones, and worn over another outfit. Pair this with a vest and lacy mini skirt and a pair of boots. Some kimonos are often worn with a camisole as well. 

Kaftans are another popular item here. These are sometimes in the shape of an oversized flowing shirt, or can be designed as a long sheer wrap coat. Kaftans sometimes come with a fringed trim too. You can also select a full-length kaftan, an off-the shoulder kaftann, a fringed kaftan and a kaftan with a lace or tasseled trim. You can also wear maxi length boho dresses with side slits and bell sleeves. 

Other types of dresses here include tunic dresses with bell sleeves and off-the-shoulder tops. You could also wear a midi dress with ruffles, or a V-neck midi dress with Thai print. Boho dress styles also include maxi dresses in tartan or print, in both long and short sleeves with empire waistlines. Gypsy dress styles are also synonymous with the off-the-shoulder high low dress, with ruffle or lace edging. You can also opt for a high-waisted pleated maxi dress with a belt, and complement it with a matching handbag and shoes. 

Or choose a maxi tie dye dress with split pockets and short sleeves. Dazzle in an embroidered maxi dress with matching accessories and shoes too. Vintage halter neck maxi dresses with floral prints are great to wear with a pair of leather sandals in the warmer weather as well. Or you could choose a short V-neck wrap around paisley print dress, with short ruffle sleeves. 

Boho dress styles also include chiffon long-sleeved cardigan-like maxi dresses. You may also select a floral maxi dress with spaghetti shoulder straps and side slits. Or show off your whimsical side with a long flowing button up dress and sandals. 

Boho dresses ideal for the beach include short, sleeveless loose fitting vintage styles in light colors, easily matched with a straw hat and handbag. For evening or cocktail wear, opt for the classic little black dress, but with short mesh sleeves, a mesh-like bow-tie neckline and a ruffle hem. Or choose a mini evening dress, with a ruffle off-the-shoulder top and layered bottom. 

Lace rompers are the ultimate in feminine flair when it comes to eveningwear. Go for a long dress with a lace overlay, a deep V-shaped neckline, ruffle sleeves and a belted waist. You could also strut a Mexican-like embroidered shift dress, with long tie-back sleeves. Or impress in a mini swing dress with a V-neckline, layered ruffles, lantern sleeves and cuffs that can be tied into bows. 

Boho Shoes

Boho shoes come in so many different styles, and are versatile enough to wear with many clothing types. If you’re a keen boho fashionista, you should invest in a pair of black or brown ankle boots with a buckle. You can wear these throughout every season and with almost everything boho. You can also emphasize the boho look more with a pair of tassel fringe ankle boots, or a mid-calf boot. 

Boho sandals are exceptionally versatile too and can be worn with leggings, your jeans, skirts, dresses or shorts. For the ultimate hippie chic look, get you a pair of tassel sandals. You may also opt for vintage gladiator tassel sandals, or a pair of lace-up gladiator sandals. Or add even more flair to your tassel sandal look with some beading. 

Wedge platforms and peep toe high-heeled sandals also form part of the boho look. Flip flops for when you’re in relax mode at the beach or poolside are also great. For those colder months, nothing quite beats tassel faux fur boots with beads, faux fur waterproof boots or wedge fur boots. Mid-calf and knee-length Western boots are also often worn, with a range of boho clothing. 

Image credits: Anubhaw Anand via Pexels

Boho Jewelry

Boho jewelry evolved as a result of counterculture throughout the years. Several celebrities inspired this type of jewelry too. One such celebrity was Jane Birkin, the 60’s songwriter. She had epitomized boho chic with French flair. She often sported a layered necklace over a t-shirt. If you’re looking to replicate her look, you can do so with a tiered necklace and gemstone ring. Hippie songstress Janice Joplin also popularized wearing stack rings and bangles. To reinvent her look, it’s best to buy a few arc rings to create that stack ring aesthetic. For the bracelet look, opt for a charm bracelet or a hooks cuff one. 

That being said, you can also create your own boho jewelry style. Go for a set of bohemian tassel earrings with antiquated white stones, or opt for the silver variations with turquoise stones. You could also choose some circular silver earrings with turquoise beading. Or wear a pair of beaded earrings or some matt studs, with various nature-inspired cut-out shapes. 

Other boho earring types include crochet-style circular dangle earrings, wildflower thread pieces, filigree earrings and Bell style earrings. Another earring trend here includes climbers. Like boho fashion, boho jewelry would not be complete without the element of flowers. That being said, you could try to incorporate a pair of flower-shaped earrings into your boho jewelry collection. 

Bracelets are the craze when it comes to boho jewelry. Be sure to get yourself an adjustable bracelet with some beads. Or choose a wrap-around bracelet, derived from wax cord. You could also choose an elegant pendant with an adjustable strap. Try opting for one with white crystals for additional feminine flair. 

Wrap around bracelets with semi-precious stones are popular too, as well as cowrie shell bracelets. You can also choose a leather wrap around bracelet with rose quartz beading. 

Boho Bags

Some of the most popular boho bags are the Charlie chain cross body bag. These timeless accessories have an edge to it, and is best paired with a jeans and boho top, a tiered dress or a flowing maxi dress. It’s best to buy these bags with magnetic closure though for added security. 

You can also get a cross body bag with a drawstring closure. Or shine in true hippie fashion with a Technicolor bag. Sling bags are also popular. For a more extravagant look, you could also choose an embellished sling bag. If so, try selecting a sling bag adorned with beads. Leather harness bags are also popular with boho trends. 

Dedicated boho fashionistas often sport messenger bags as well. You could also choose a backpack or a tote bag. Other boho bags include the embellished suede clutch bag, the slouchy tote bag and the hobo bag. If you’re looking for a hobo bag that embodies boho chic, try getting one with a tassel fringe.  Don’t forget that patchwork has never gone out of fashion, and that you can select a patched messenger bag to complete your boho look too. 

You can also complement your bags with matching purses. If you can’t find a matching purse, try going for a leather hippie-like purse, complete with a vintage aesthetic like artisan crafted flowers. If you’re sporting a laid-back boho look for a day at the beach, it’s best to use a runner sling or belt bag to carry items such as your money, keys and mobile phone. 


What is boho design style?

Bohemian fashion stems from the ideas of free spirited individuals and creatives in the 60’s and 70s’. It’s an eclectic mix of loose fitting clothing, and apparel delicately interwoven with lace, fringes, tassels, crochet and beading. Tops are primarily gypsy or peasant style, with an off-the-shoulder cut in feminine prints. Boho tops are mostly made of sheer fabric such as chiffon or georgette. However, for colder weather, you can always opt for a knit asymmetrical top. These are best paired with skinny jeans, leggings, shorts and a pair of wedge or tassel sandals, or a pair of ankle or knee high boots.

What is boho modern style?

Modern style boho fashion is similar to the hippie looks of the past, except that it’s a tad more extravagant looking. For instance, if you look at sandals of the 60’s and 70’s, you’ll discover that modern boho sandals have additional embellishments like tassels, fringes and intricate beading. In the hippie era, crochet was popular too. Today, crochet is incorporated into items like boho style earrings too.

Traditional hippie pants included mainly bell bottoms in the past. With modern boho trends, there is a much bigger variety of hippie style pants. These are all inspired by the former wide leg look of the 60’s and 70’s. Modern boho also includes a significantly bigger variety of bag styles.


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