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Summer Care for Your Crowning Glory

Jun/14/2022 / by Preetam Kaushik
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After the long, dreary, and cold days of winter, the warm and bright days of summer are more than welcome. But, wait! Before you set off to the beach or park to make the most of the sunshine, spare a thought for your beautiful tresses. Summer can spell bad news for your hair if you’re not careful.

Just as the sun’s rays damage your skin, they can prove harmful to your lustrous mane. Heat, pool or sea water, and strong winds can cause split ends and unruly hair. Taking a few precautions and following a regular hair care routine can keep you from the heartache of weak and lifeless hair through the summer. Here’s how you can go about it:

Cover Your Hair this Summer

Just as sunglasses are a must during the summer, make it a habit to cover your hair with a hat or scarf before you step out. A wide-brimmed hat keeps your scalp, face, and ears protected from sun damage that can lead to sunburns or even skin cancer. Umbrellas – the bigger, the better – are another way of protecting your hair safe from the harsh sun. Where covering the head and hair is not an option, go with reputed heat protectant serums to ensure the well-being of your beautiful mane.

Use Hair Products Judiciously

If hair products are a part of your daily hair-care regimen, ensure that you are using them the right way in the summer. Here are some things to keep in mind.

  • Opt for hair care products that offer at least some UV protection, be they hair gels, sprays, or creams. You can find this in shampoos, hair oils, serums, and color protectants.
  • Before you dive into the pool or the ocean, rinse your hair with clean water or apply a leave-in conditioner. This keeps saltwater and pool chemical absorption by your hair to a minimum.
  • Start using a shampoo that moisturizes your hair while it cleans. It is possible that you’re washing your hair more often in summer to eliminate the sweat and grime, leaving the hair stripped of moisture. Use lukewarm water to clean your hair because hot water can cause increased oil production in the scalp.
  • Washing hair with an anti-residue or clarifying shampoo every now and then is highly recommended. Follow every shampoo with a deep conditioning treatment.
  • A hair mask once a week can go a long way in smoothening and nourishing your hair. Pick the mask according to your hair type. Homemade formulas with fruits, curd, and eggs can help with this too.
  • Keep your hair hydrated all day long by spraying water, coconut oil, or aloe vera gel whenever it feels dry and rough to the touch.

Taming the Frizz

For healthy and well-maintained hair, the key is staying frizz-free. While regular trims and anti-frizz serum may be helpful, it is difficult to completely eliminate frizz during the hot months. Choose simple and loose hairstyles that do not put tension on hair strands. Tight styles, such as high ponytails and pulled-back buns, can break your hair.

Steer clear of styling tools that use heat. You do not want to subject your hair to even more heat than you find in the environment. More heat equals more damage and frizz, so try to style your hair naturally and without implements such as straightening or curling irons.

Being diligent about maintaining your tresses with some TLC can help you get through the summer without too many hair worries. So, go ahead and have fun in the sun.

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