Sunitha Rao Dominates in Tennis and in Business

May/31/2022 / by Team SEEMA
Sunitha Rao
Image credits: Wikimedia Commons

Sunitha Rao is a young Indian American woman who was best known because of her professional tennis status. Sunitha Rao was able to rise to the top because of her effective tennis strategies and her determination to win. Rao became the fourth female tennis player ever to represent India at the highest stage. Rao represented India in 2008 at the Beijing Olympics. Even though Sunitha Rao was born in the United States, she has always proudly represented the country of her heritage. Thanks parents were originally from Bangalore Karnataka and they shifted to the United States soon after they got married. Blank had a fabulous tennis career, but as with most professional athletes, it ended when she was still young. At 23 years old, she’d already retired from tennis. Blank was determined to succeed in her life plans after tennis, and she turned into a fabulous entrepreneur. She the decision back to college for business, and after that her business ventures begin to take off.

A Biography on Sunitha Rao

Sunitha Rao was born in New Jersey in 1985. She played and practiced tennis from a very young age, and she stood out amongst her peers. Sunitha Rao dropped out of school in the sixth grade in order to focus on her tennis career full-time. Sunitha Rao had a difficult time in New Jersey. She lived in a rough neighborhood, and her parents were immigrants. She knew at a young age that she wanted to be financially independent; her father was abusive, and he was the person who controlled all of the finances in their family. Her father pushed her into tennis, and she gave it her all. Rao’s dedication to the sport helped her to get involved with the pro circuit. 

By the age of only 14, she began to play tennis professionally. Sunitha Rao had a professional career for nine years, and her highest ranking number was 144 in 2007. In 2002, she played her first WTA match at the Brazil Open Women’s Single Event. In 2008, she represented India in the Olympics in Beijing. By time she was 23 years old, she announced that she was going to retire from tennis. With the entire world in front of her, Sunitha Rao dove into education. She studied finance at the Babson college, and she went on to work as a corporate finance desk jockey. Soon, she decided that she was going to branch out on her own and start her own company named Griffiths Property Group. She continued on with her education and graduated from the Villanova University, and she went on to graduate from ACT. Sunitha Rao decided that she would get into real estate investing since that was a great way to make a sizable income. Now she is a real estate investor, and she owns her own financial destiny.

FAQ on the Entrepreneur Sunitha Rao

Q: What is Sunitha Rao’s Net worth?

A: It is estimated that her net worth is between $15 million and $20million.

Q: Who is she Married to?

A: There is no information about her marital status.

Q: Where was Sunitha Rao born?

A: She was born in New Jersey.

Q: What is the age of Sunitha Rao?

A: She is 35 years old.

Q: When did she start her professional career?

A: She started her tennis career in 2002.

Q: What is the New on Sunitha Rao

A: Due to the success of her real estate firm Griffix Property Group, she is financially independent. Even though she is still dedicated to the firm, she is also determined to give her time to nonprofit causes that she cares about.


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