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Suraiya was born in 1929 in Lahore, British India. She is known to be one of the most popular playback singers with her distinctive low mezzo-soprano voice and capacity for expressive singing.

Biography Of Suraiya

Suraiya was born in 1929 in Lahore, British India. She is known to be one of the most popular playback singers with her distinctive low mezzo-soprano voice and capacity for expressive singing. Instead, it was one of the pillars of their life. Suraiya’s father is a traditional musician, and her grandfather played instruments. She grew up listening to the songs sung by such legendary musicians as Bade Ghulam Ali Khan and Bahadur Khan. These immense influences affected her so much that she would pick up a harmonium and try to play and sing the melodies she heard.

Suraiya made her first public appearance in a musical concert when she was only four years old, and it was later that she joined the prestigious Kinnaird College. She joined a stage show in 1945 at sixteen, along with some other young artists, and this is where her real career began. In the initial days, she managed to deal with several offers of love marriage, but when she realized that being an artiste would help her achieve more in life, she gave up on these relationships. In 1948, when Bade Ghulam Ali Khan came to perform in Lahore, he appreciated Suraiya’s talent and offered to train her further. She completed her training at Bade Ghulam Ali Khan’s institute in 1951 and has been a regular performer ever since.

She recorded her first song in 1952, and it was with the same voice that she became famous after singing for the film “Chandni” in 1954. Suraiya was well known for her versatile voice and versatility, and she was equally comfortable singing folk, classical, pop, patriotic, and devotional music. She sang numerous hit songs over the years, including a theme regarding the Ram-Leela issue, where she felt that Ram should be identified with Krishna instead. She contributed to social causes like an anti-caste movement and the reformation of female education during her time.

Age Of Suraiya

She was 75 years old at the time of her death.

About Suraiya

Suraiya was one of the most successful playback singers. She started her career in 1953 when she recorded a duet with Zia Mohiuddin for the film Chandni. The song became popular, and she went on to sing for many films until she retired in 1976. She sang primarily religious themes but could also sing romantic numbers, for which she was famous.

Singer Suraiya

She has sung many popular songs in both Hindi and Urdu languages. She was known for her versatility in singing for both poor and rich. She sang religious themes but could also sing romantic numbers. According to a popular legend, she was born with a golden spoon in her mouth. Her father taught her music, but she also picked up many tunes from the streets of Lahore. She would try to play the harmonium while listening to these tunes. After completing her education, she joined Kinnaird College. Her first public appearance was in 1944 in a musical concert, and it was this concert that started her career. In 1945, she moved to Mumbai with several other artists and started singing for various shows. At this time, she met a young producer, Ehtesham, who fell madly in love with her. He proposed marriage to her, but she declined. She thought that becoming an artist would help her achieve more in life than getting married to anyone.

In acting, acting was not considered a viable career option for women. She stepped into acting through a stage play in 1948 at Kinnaird College. This chance appearance was quite valuable as it set her up on the path toward theater and film acting. Her performances on the stage brought immense fame, followed by vast offers of marriage proposals from both men and women. This put her off movies and singing, as marriage did not seem that important at this point. As an adult artiste, she could have probably married anyone if she wanted to. Still, she chose to ignore these offers rather than match them, for having a career in acting didn’t seem glamorous enough for her then. After a while, she got other offers and eventually started recording songs for movies. She worked with over a hundred singers and performed thousands of shows in her career.

Songs Of Suraiya

Her career as a playback singer began when she recorded a famous duet with Zia Mohiuddin in 1949. The song was used in the film Chandni, which was her first movie. She sang many songs that were used in the film industry, but most of her songs were not released on records, nor were they publicized. After singing for films, she returned to the stage, where she performed a few times, and then decided to help her husband establish himself in the cinema. By this time, she had become one of Lahore’s and India’s most popular singers. Her last song was about the martyrs of Jammu who were killed in 1978 by the militants.

Contribution To Society

She was a part of some social causes. For example, she started an anti-caste movement. She got more than twenty awards for her contribution to society and began giving back-handed credit to these awards instead of accepting them. This only made the government suspicious after a few years, and she was eventually banned from receiving any awards given by the government. She did not take these bans seriously and remained active in social issues by contributing to charity and performing at ceremonies like marriages. She completed her last show in 1978 at the marriage ceremony of Intezar. This was the last time she performed on stage, and after this show, she got ill and died due to her illness.


Suraiya suffered from an illness during her last years of life and passed away due to this illness on 31st January 2004 at her home in Lahore, Pakistan. Her death was deeply mourned all over Pakistan, where she is still remembered as one of the best singers in the country’s history.


1. Who Did Suraiya Marry?

She did not get married but had received several proposals, but she turned them all down.

2. When Did Suraiya Start Her Career?

She began her career in 1945 with a stage play.

3. When Did Suraiya Die?

She died on 31st January 2004 due to health ailments.


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