Susmita Nayak Running For Mayor In The San Ramon Region, California

May/31/2022 / by Nancy Amon
Susmita Nayak
Image credits: Element 5 Digital via Unsplash

Being in politics is not an easy career path, but we are so proud of all the South Asian women making a huge difference in the world. Susmita Nayak is another figure we want to talk about because she hopes to make a difference within the San Ramon region, California if she becomes the mayor.

Susmita Nayak Biography

Susmita Nayak has always loved solving problems. Throughout her time in commerce and other industries, she’s proven to be a tremendous problem solver. Solving issues and creating solutions are some of the strong characteristics that she will take with her into her candidacy as she runs for mayor of San Ramon.

During Susmita Nayak’s time in the Chamber of Government Affairs Committee, Susmita has seen many issues that need resolving in San Ramon.

Susmita Nayak for Mayor

Susmita Nayak knows what the people of San Ramon want. As a fellow resident of the area, she has seen first-hand how the increase in bills can put a damper on being able to live with the economy.

Susmita Nayak profession in politics was an evolving passion that stemmed from her love for working with people. In this way, she has a chance of providing positive change for all the people and small businesses in San Ramon.


Susmita is professionally focused on politics, but she also has a degree in commerce. While she operates in business and politics, she has also achieved a degree in electronics and communications engineering, which she attained in India.

Fun facts

Susmita has a history in commerce and is an entrepreneur. Her knowledge and skills in this business area saw her become appointed three times to the Board of Directors for the San Ramon Chamber of Commerce.

Susmita Nayak ran to join the City Council of San Ramon in 2016. Running for mayor is not her first attempt at political and governmental affairs.


Who is Susmita Nayak Married to?

We’re not certain who Susmita’s husband is more if she has any children.

Where was she born?

Susmita was born in India and moved to the United States at a later stage.

What is Susmita Nayak net worth?

Susmita’s net worth is not disclosed to the public.

When did Susmita start her career?

Susmita went full swing into her career in commerce when she became qualified.


The inspiration and strength from South Asian women like her, who are dedicated to uplifting the community, is deeply admirable. Have you thought of politics in your next chapter? Is Susmita also a role model and inspiration to you?

Share your thoughts on South Asian women in politics and Susmita Nayak.


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