Sweta Vikram’s Tale of Survival

As a young girl growing up in Rourkela, India, Sweta Vikram loved signing autographs on her school books, then covering them with standard brown paper. Vikram continues to sign books, albeit as autographs on published books sporting her name.

“A Piece of Peace” is Vikram’s new book, which will be launched September 21. Her latest effort comes after 12 earlier books that have covered topics including poetry, yoga, multi-culturism and wellness. While the themes may be diverse, there is a common thread that runs through them all – women empowerment. Vikram’s books focus on teaching a more holistic approach to creativity, productivity, health, and nutrition.

“A Piece of Peace” is about Vikram’s personal struggle with a near-fatal disease. It is an autobiographical account of her fight for survival and her subsequent victory. The book is about her journey back to wellness, through mindfulness and Ayurvedic healing. It exemplifies the true resilience of the human spirit. In the book, she shares her vulnerabilities, recommendations, interviews experts, and reminds us, that our response to a situation, determines our path in life.

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