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Switch It Up

Jan/06/2024 / by team-seema

This New Year, make healthy food swaps to give your wellbeing a boost in 2024.

While giving up ghee, butter chicken, and other decadent dishes may seem impossible, small ingredient swaps can balance tradition with heart health. “We can preserve the culture in that food, but also limit the risk of heart disease that comes with that food,” explains Hiba Siddiqui, founder of the South Asian Heart Health Initiative (SAHHI).

Instead of abandoning rich curries and snacks, Siddiqui suggests tweaking family recipes. “For example, you can start by not reusing the same oil as a lot of South Asian families do, because that increases cholesterol levels,” explains Siddiqui. “Use one batch of oil, and then discard that before we use a new batch of oil for a new dish.”

Other easy food swaps include using olive, avocado or canola oils instead of ghee or butter, choosing lean and skinless chicken cuts, and bulking up dishes with extra veggies. “Instead of using butter, which has more saturated fat, use olive oil or avocado oil,” she suggests. “Preserve the same type of food, but then change these smaller elements to make them a little bit more heart healthy.”