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There’s no shortage of tantalizing food on social media. Alluring visuals of beautifully presented, delicious food abound on sites like Instagram, You Tube, Facebook, and Twitter. These piquant snacks, scrumptious baked goods, and mouth-watering desserts are more than just visual treats. The influencers showcasing food have an undeniable effect on our appetites, even inducing cravings! They also inspire followers to take their cooking game up a few notches.


We are one, ‘cause we all share the same passions. As we celebrate the 75th year of our respective freedom from imperial rule, we also sadly are reminded of 75 years of division. Whether it is India or Pakistan, as people we rue the fact that we are on opposite sides and the split of 1947 is not just limited to territories, but talent as well. 


From a small town in India, Ash Gupta moved to the capital, Delhi, to pursue education and his passion for fashion photography. Operating out of New Delhi, he didn’t feel the need to shift base to Mumbai, the home to the Indian film industry and its mega stars.

Reshma Saujani is dynamic, diverse and determined!

Reshma Saujani defines herself as an activist, a change-maker and a fighter. She says her activism began in middle school when she decided to stand up to bullying in the eighth grade. As a Gujarati girl growing up in a White working class Chicago neighborhood and trying to fit in, Saujani says she regularly endured teasing and heckling from classmates, including those daring her to a fight in the school yard. She ignored them, until one day, 12-year-old Saujani decided she’d had enough. Instead of boarding the school bus back home, Saujani showed up at the school yard, ready for a fight, only to be beaten badly with a baseball bat and a tennis racket by two classmates.

Hena Doba is all guts and gumption!

When she is not in the studio reading the news off the teleprompter she is in the boxing ring, punching above her weight, as she has always done in life. Going toe-to-toe against norms, stereotypes and biases, shattering many barriers, one step, one punch at a time. Hena Doba is a successful and popular face on TV.

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To view Complete Magazine, you need a Subscriptionclick here. If you are already a member please log in

On Gaudi's trail in barcelona

On Antoni Gaudi’s Trail in Barcelona

If there was one artist who decided to use an entire city to express his creative genius, it was Antoni Gaudi, the greatest exponent of Catalan modernism. The 19th-century architect-wizard seamlessly blended the Gothic and the French Art-Nouveau with Expressionism and crafted his architectural masterpieces. 

And the city of Barcelona was his canvas and muse, at once.

Malini Ramani is using fashion to express her essence

Malini Ramani is best known as one of India’s leading fashion designers. And more recently, as a Kundalini yoga teacher. She tells SEEMA that she hopes to spread her brand of love to help people live their dreams.

You are the daughter of Bina Ramani, India’s first internationally acclaimed designer and one of the most iconic women. How did your mother influence your fashion journey?

My mother has influenced me in so many ways. We grew up watching her fearlessly follow her dreams and pave new paths wherever she went. As far as fashion was concerned…, it was a part of our life. We used to hang around my mother’s stores in New York and Delhi, and grew up seeing beautiful, glamorous people waft into her shops, leaving us awestruck! My mom’s life seemed like a wondrous fairy tale. I wanted to be in the fairy tale, too!

The India I Have Inherited

The India I Have Inherited

The India I have inherited is a diverse and modern one. It is home to over a hundred languages, hundreds of tribes, different castes, ethnicities, culture, a wide number of different religions, with some of the world’s largest cities. Despite these differences, India stands together.

new school year

A New School Year

The first day of a new year at school is always memorable. A new school year is marked by excitement about having new books, with the smell of a black marker you use to write on your name slips. It is filled with the anxiety of having a new classroom, and new teachers, not knowing what the New Year’s curriculum will be like. One prepares with essentials for the day and makes resolutions, aiming to follow them all year round.


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