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Kamala Harris Represents Hope to People of color

On MLK Day, A Symbol of Hope

I had my inauguration outfit picked out months ago, a peach and gold sari that looks like the beautiful sunrises in Palolem, the city in Goa where I bought it.…

Kamala Harris

What Will Kamala Harris Wear?

What Will Kamala Devi Harris Wear at the Inauguration? Speculations range from her signature power suits to a sari. With barely a few days remaining for the presidential inauguration, it…

Kamala Harris as a role model

Why the Vogue Cover Hit a Nerve

Courtesy of Bria Goeller and Good Trubble. There’s not much left to say about Vogue’s February cover featuring Kamala Harris, Vice President-elect of the United States. The magazine’s choice of…

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