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Fawzia Mirza

Redefining Bollywood Romance

Fawzia Mirza explores sexual orientation in their latest award-winning film When it comes to Bollywood romance, Fawzia Mirza has fearlessly flipped the script. Through their groundbreaking film The Queen of…

Greek Mythology Movies: Sculpture of Greek God

Top Greek Mythology Movies

Greek mythology rests on the broad shoulders of the gods and deities such as Zeus, Athena, Hercules and Aphrodite. The names that fill you with awe and intrigue and compels…

Inspirational Movies

Best Inspirational Movies

We all need a shot of inspiration from time to time. If you are struggling to find motivation and feeling downright depressed, then watch these outstanding films that will do…

Action Movies

Best Action Movies

This would perhaps be the toughest challenge for any movie buff. To prepare a list of the best Action movies of all time would be tough even when you reduce…


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