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get ready for ridi

Get Ready for Ridi

Ridi, an insightful and passionate artist, breaks new ground with her latest single. Ridi’s music blends Western pop with Indian musicality.


10 Hot Summer Songs

Get into the groove of the warm with our list of some of the best tunes you need to be jamming to this summer

Classical Indian Music

An Overview of Indian Classical Music

Classical Indian Music The rich tradition of the Indian classical music originated in South Asia and can now be found in all corners of the world thanks to great musicians…

Pop Songs

Best Pop Songs in the world

This the genre of music that perhaps holds the distinction of producing the most hits. The song is a hit if it sells million plus copies, simple. The origins of the…

The Talented Ms Nagral

A rising music icon, Avanti Nagral’s songs are infused with lyrics that are honest, thoughtful and intentional. They have an unfettered realness, which resonates with over 48 thousand Instagram followers.…