Taking A Step Back Into Time: What 90’s Fashion For Men Can You Copy?

2 years ago / by Nancy Amon
90s fashion for men
Image credits: Tima Miroschnichenko via Pexels

Revamp Your Wardrobe With These Styles And Accessories In 90’s Fashion For Men

The 90’s fashion for men was a creative time with bright colors, denims and lots more to take your wardrobe to the next level. If you want to learn more about it and perhaps add some pointers to your closet, then continue reading this article.

Let’s jump into what made the 90’s clothes men so cool.

Overalls (Dungaree)

Wearing an overall, especially denim overalls were the iconic look in the 90s. As part of a memorable 90’s clothes men look, be sure to get your pair at a clothing store near you. Don’t wear it with both straps tied; instead, wear one strap loose and be chill.

Turtle Necks

We all know how cold winter gets, so why not use this next style cue and go for a turtle neck. While turtle necks were huge in the 1990s, they are still big in the current era.

You could really dress up with a turtle neck like wear it with a sports jacket or coat and jeans for a semi-casual look. You could also wear a turtle neck with chino pants.

Leather Biker Jackets

Everyone needs a good leather jacket or two or three or more. Leather jackets are truly versatile, timeless and easy to wear with most garments. Leather jackets seemed a big fashion trend in the 90s but can still work their magic forming current trends inspired by 90s male fashion.

Baggy Jeans

The twentieth century saw the rise of simplicity in fashion, straight-cut leg jeans, slim legs and even skinny jeans. However, taking a cue from 1990’s fashion men, baggy jeans were a hit. Paired with bright-coloured t-shirts or denim jackets, it was a big deal then. While it may have sneaked a peek in current fashion affairs, you still have variety when it comes to choosing what jeans cut you prefer. You’re not stuck with the baggy look.


Windbreaker jackets are easy to wear for the gym or simply to keep warm. Colorblock windbreakers are trending this season, and you could probably find them at clothing stores. Windbreakers are also light yet still keeps the wearer warm and can withstand wind and light rain.

Graphic Print T-shirts

Graphic tees were a big deal for 90’s fashion for men, and while it made waves then, you could probably pick out a few at a clothing store now. Graphic tees always have a catchy print or slogan writing on them. They’re pretty cool, even if you wanted to buy them for someone else.

Cargo Pants (Utility Pants)

Cargo pants are perfect for stashing all your items, phone, wallet, lip balm shopping list if you’re writing it down on old-school paper. Thankfully, you could get your hands on some nice-looking cargo pants to spruce up your 90’s fashion for men style.

Rise Of The Ripped Jeans

We’re probably won’t see the end of ripped jeans soon because they tend to become such favorites amongst fashion trendsetters and followers. If you wondered about 90’s outfits men, then ripped jeans could complete your getup.

1/2 Zip Hoodies

Who said that full zipped or no zipped hoodies were the only ones to made it in the limelight of fashion? 1/2 zip hoodies were cool in the 1990s, and they sure are still worth wearing now.

Oversized Shirts (Flannel, Denim and More)

Flannel shirts are simply great, and while they may not always be an appropriate look, let alone when they’re oversized, you could still go with it. 90’s Fashion for men was all about bold and big garments and outfits, so if you like it, why not.


Oh yes, tracksuits were great in the relaxed outfit choice of the 90s. The 1990s was all for comfort, and easy wear casual trends. Today, 90s trends are big and combine other style elements to complete the final look in stores.

Punk Style

Punk Rock Icons like Green Day, Blink 182, bad Religion and The Offspring were just some of the icons that influenced the punk rock look that trended throughout the 90s

Denim On Denim

Denim on denim has long left the fashion style industry but has since the 90s been making a comeback. 90’s fashion for men included the denim on denim look, whether it be of the baggy kind or straight cut.

Velvet On velvet

Similar to denim on denim, the velvet on velvet trend rocked the 90s from corduroy jackets to trousers.


The 1990s fashion for men and women were all about freestyling your outfits as you go. Many of the outfits drew inspiration from the music bands of the time like rap, preppy and other influencers of then.

90’s Style Men Accessories

Flat-brimmed caps

You can’t go wrong with a flat-brimmed hat. These usually have some cool logo or print in the front, and you can wear them facing forward or backwards. Not only will you look cool, but you’ll get some shade from the sun.


Yep, bandanas were cool for 90’s style men, and it was a reasonable accessory. It may not be the hottest look at this moment, but it definitely did well in the 90s.

Bucket hats

Bucket hats have always been cute on kids, but the 90’s made bucket hats popular for everyone. They are super functional and keeps the sun out your face, while shielding your neck too. If you want a sun hat to get the job done, you may find some cool 90s inspired bucket hats online and in-store.

Sunglasses contrast temples (arms/stems)

Sunglasses that sported color pops were and still are important to the 1990s fashion men style.

Combat boots

Combat boots make any casual outfit a force to reckon with. Think Timberlands and Doc Martin’s; these were and still are some of the top names in combat boot style from the 90’s

90’s fashion men

The 90’s was not just a colourful era of fashion and expression, and the creativity also shone through hairstyles. What’s a good outfit without a good hairstyle?

Bowl haircut

You guessed it, the famous bowl cut may have looked simple, but it took a certain skill to craft. It was rocking for men back then, and pop bands like NSYNC and Backstreet Boys were an example of this and the next few we’re about to mention in this piece.

Spikey hairstyle

Gel was an important tool in the 90s because it helped shape hair, mold spikes and simply style it as you like. Spikey hairstyles were a very popular hairstyle for men in the 90s, and while all hair types couldn’t particularly set like this, gel helped define curls as well.


High top haircuts was a sophisticated look and took skill, style and patients to make it work. Think of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. This particular style started in the late 80s but managed to stick it through in the early 90s. Lo and behold, it’s another style you could request from your skilled barber today.

Middle Path

Sleek middle path styled hair was also big in the 90s as part of men’s hairstyles.


Justin Timberlake rocked his curly mane in the 90s and inspired many natural curlies to do the same. Some folks even got their hair permed to get the look. Naturally, curly hair has graced many heads of the twenty-first century.


Time and precision go into every inch of the cornrow, and while 90’s fashion for men hairstyle included the popular cornrow, it still rocks now. Again, folks are going back to their roots and embracing natural hair and styles like the cornrow, amongst others.

Bleached Hair Tips

The dreaded bleached tips might not be a thing now, but everyone was rocking bleached tips of some sort in the 1990s.

Long Hair

If you didn’t rock short hair, then the 90s was also big on long hair. Long hair is probably one of those timeless hairstyles that go on and on and on.


What did men wear in the 90s?

The 90s went for comfort and expression without all the excess. A typical example of 90’s trends in fashion included baggy jeans and oversized shirts, amongst other tends at the time.

What outfits were popular in the 90s

Oversized clothing was popular in the 90s era, with other elements like overalls and combat boots completing certain getups.

What was trendy in the 90s?

Graphic print t-shirts and also windbreakers were trendy in the 90s.

What were the trends in the 1990s?

The 1990s embraced bold colors, tie-dyes, bandanas, spikey hairstyles and turtleneck sweaters.

What jeans did they wear in the 90s?

During the 90s when it came to denim jeans, baggy and cut up jeans were trending.

Conclusion About 90’s Fashion For Men

Which of these 1990’s fashion men’s clothes did you enjoy most back in the day, and which do you still like now? While the 90s may not be everyone’s taste now, back then, it was a different story, and people loved it.

Many of these iconic looks from the 90s include accessories to main garments. You could find a lot of these clothing inspired by the 90s at clothing stores today.