Tamil Girl Band 5BEATz Releases New Song “Mandirichu”

Jul/15/2021 / by Laya Neelakandan

5BEATzMembers of girl band 5BEATz realized over the past year that people were becoming addicted to their phones and devices; thus, the concept for the song “Mandirichu” was born.

“People are getting more and more glued to personal devices, and COVID has made it even worse,” said member Sahana Vasanth. “Our song shows that there are many ways to have fun without devices. We really want everyone to hear our message — there is more fun-filled life than your phone.”

5BEATz was formed in 2020 when five South Asian girls connected through their love for music. Composed of Daya Saravanan (12), Sadhana Maddineni (11), Samhitha Jayachandran (11), Sahana Vasanth (9), and Nakshatra Pradeep (10), the band releases Tamil songs on their YouTube channel. Their latest song, “Mandirichu,” was released on July 3. 

Making “Mandirichu”

The lyrics for the song were written by Manikandan Anandaraj and depict the dependency people have on their devices, going as far as to ironically marry their phones in the music video. The girls said they met every weekend to work on the tunes and Tamil lyrics, as well as learn the choreography for the music video.

“Making Mandirichu was probably one of the best experiences ever,” Saravanan said. “After all the hard work and effort we had put in as a team, when we saw the final product, it was just ‘simply wow’!”

The girls recorded and re-recorded their vocals until they were satisfied with the energy level and quality of the takes. The song premiered on their YouTube channel, VSharp Originals. 

Jayachandran said she loved the process of making the song and being in the band with the other girls.

“I love spending time working with the other girls. My experience with 5BEATz is fun and interesting,” she said.

Reception of the Song

5BEATzSo far, the girls said the song has been received well by the band’s audience.

“After the music video released on YouTube, so many people congratulated us for the unique band of five lively girls, who came together and made something truly wonderful with a more socially responsible theme for the current times,” Saravanan said. 

The “Mandirichu” music video has already surpassed 20,000 views and has many positive comments on YouTube.

The Future

As the girls look toward the future, they are excited to continue making music together and following their passions.

“We are great friends before band members, and I enjoy spending time practicing with these talented girls,” Maddineni said.

Echoing her sentiments, the other girls agreed that they have formed a special bond by following their passions and forging a path in the male-dominated music industry. 

Specifically, Pradeep loves being part of the band and hopes to one day become a professional, building upon her current experiences as a member of 5BEATz. 

“When I grow up, I want to be a musician, composer, music producer, songwriter and mathematician, and I look forward to seeing those dreams come true!”