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Jun/16/2023 / by Team Seema
Tan France
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Tan France is well-known for his role on Queer Eye, the Netflix reality TV revamping of the original show Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. A team consisting of Tan Fab and four other gay men give an individual an entire makeover that includes style tips, interior decorating, and tips for proper grooming and preparing healthy gourmet-style meals. Tan Francis and his team spend a week with the person receiving the makeover (usually a straight man) and help the subject boost their self-esteem, home environment and wardrobe in a way that brings long-term satisfaction.

Tan France Netflix opportunity to use his eye for fashion to help those in need has made him much more noticeable in public. He went from being an unknown clothing wholesaler to being a star in less than a year, and shares that he never saw his life going in this direction. The profession of Tan France put him in the background, so he was surprised that the show’s casting directors chose someone who was not a known celebrity. In fact, France had never even been on TV before! France also admits that he had no gay friends before the show and his social media accounts were private. Today, France has more than 2.1 million followers and is in the process of writing his memoir. He is pleasantly surprised by the success of the show and shares that the platform has given him an opportunity to advocate for those in his community while representing Asian culture. France grew up in Doncaster but both of his parents are from Pakistan. France also has a sister and two older brothers, and his family lived next door to his paternal uncle when he was growing up. His family was Muslim so he went to the mosque daily and didn’t associate with people who were not in his community. In his free time, young Tan would spend time in his room listening to Kylie Minogue and playing with Barbies.

During a recent episode of Queer Eye, one of the male makeover subjects asked France how he built his confidence. Since France is both gay and a minority, the man assumed France has been discriminated against all his life. Tan shared that in the past 15 years, he’s intentionally worked to build his confidence while building his career. This has allowed France to strengthen his confidence and build a professional portfolio he can be proud of. He also shares that he decided years ago not to combat racism with hate. Instead, he decided to take the “drama free” approach and avoid surrounding himself with people who would judge him for being different.

France’s father passed away when he was 13. However, he left Tan with a sense of confidence he may not have known he was instilling. France’s father bough a Barbie doll house for him, and France thought he was doing so to compete with his brother, who had recently purchased a dollhouse for his daughter. However, Tan knew at an early age that he couldn’t play with the dollhouse in front of people for fear they would criticize a Pakistani boy for playing with toys that were designed for girls.

Tan France that he also took a calm and calculated approach to coming out. He started revealing to his family that he was gay at 16. This was the year he went to Doncaster College to study fashion. He started a job at a call center while in school and met a young man at his job who would become his boyfriend. First, Tan shared the news with his friends. Then he came out to his siblings, and finally, his mother. His extended family was surprised to hear the news, but France knew even then that his relatives needed time to wrap their minds around his sexuality so they could accept the fact that the “heterosexual life” they’d planned for him was never going to happen.

Queer Eye is set to return to television soon, but there will be some changes to the show. Instead of filming in Atlanta, the crew and cast and heading to Kansas. The stories of triumphant women will also be more emphasized in the coming season. France has an extensive background in women’s clothing and is happy to exhibit his skills to improve the lives of others. He shares that he’s able to have “more fun” with women’s fashion pieces and looks forward to the transforming work he and the Queer Eye team have competed and will pursue in the years to come.


Is Tan France married?

France is married to a man named Rob. Tan France Rob France got married in 2007.

What is Tan France real name?

France’s real name is Tanveer Wasim Safdar.

Tan France is famous for?

Tan has been a fashion designer for years and developed an interest in fashion when he visited his grandfather’s denim factory as a child. He is most famous for serving as the fashion guru on the Queer Eye television show.


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