Taste of India: Best Indian Restaurants in Miami

7 months ago / by Team Seema
Indian Restaurants in Miami
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Options in Miami

Miami is a bustling hub of exciting entertainment and good food. When looking for Indian restaurants in Miami Florida, you’ll have your choice of a variety of different, amazing Indian food restaurants. There are plenty of great Indian food restaurants in Miami, some of which offer spreads seen nowhere else in the area.

There are many options for Indian food, and many of them are authentic with chefs and owners of Indian heritage. These places range in menu and in price, though all of them are exceptional choices when it comes to finding just a little taste of India.

Bombay Darbar

Bombay Darbar doesn’t quite look like your typical Indian restaurant, but it certainly is worth the visit. The neon signage looks more like a dance club than a restaurant, but once inside the aroma will create no doubts, this place is definitely an Indian restaurant. Offering a massive menu with classic hits like basmati rice dishes, chicken vindaloo, other chicken dishes, lamb, and even things from the tandoor oven, this restaurant is one to visit.

Ashoka Indian Restaurant

Ashoka Indian Restaurant is easily one of the best in Miami. When looking for top Indian restaurants Miami style, you’ll be pleased with this choice. Offering traditional meat and even vegetarian fare, this restaurant serves up a fine choice of all of your Indian food favorites. Rated one of the three best Indian restaurants in Miami, this one is absolutely one to check out.

B&M Market & Roti Shop

This one has gained some popularity both locally and even nationally. If you spend enough time in Miami, you’ll probably hear someone saying that you need to check out B&M. Advertising jerk chicken, oxtail stew, and various Roti options, this establishment has paved their own way and has won the hearts of Miami. Since 1980 this West Indian Bodega has served up a lot of classics and a lot of delicious favorites. From Offering tender saltfish, buttery ackee, and equally tender oxtail, this place has all of the best flavors. You’ll even find perfectly spicy and juicy jerk chicken, among other Indian and Jamaican delights. You’ll definitely want to come back more than once.

Indian Spice

When looking for the top Indian restaurants in Miami, Indian Spice is another for the list. This restaurant offers all of your favorite Indian dishes, at a price you can afford. Open until 10pm daily, this place is one that will become a favorite. From gorgeous tikka masala, to out of this world butter chicken and more, there’s a dish for every mood at Indian Spice. They also have plenty of vegetarian and Halal options, as well as a full bar and even a catering service.

Urban Rrasoi

Urban Rrasoi combines ancient and traditional cooking methods with diversity and creativity. They have the patience to cook delectable dishes following recipes and cooking techniques that go back for centuries. They offer dishes like dal, naan, tandoori, curry, and more. They also offer options for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. There’s something for everyone, and each dish is just as tasty as the last.

Ghee Indian Kitchen

If you’re looking for an Indian restaurant in Miami that offers great Indian food with a nice ambiance, this is the place for you. Ghee Indian Kitchen offers all of your favorites and then some. The comfortable indoor seating area adds an aura of relaxed, sophisticated elegance. This restaurant is almost too comfortable, yet clean and breathable. They offer delicious appetizers like charred corn, short ribs dosa and more. They also offer stunning main dishes like beef korma, turmeric marinated local fish, as well as other delicious standard dishes. With delicious food and a comfortable atmosphere, this one isn’t one to miss.

Diya Sunset Harbor

Diya Sunset Harbor is a unique restaurant as they offer entirely vegetarian fare. They also offer vegan choices, but none of them are carnivorous. This restaurant offers an impressive selection of traditional Indian dishes while also offering plenty of fusion dishes as well. Serving traditional foods like samosas, chana masala, and tandoori paneer, they also serve new creations like the “Bahn-Mi-Naan-Mi.” This creation features an oversized piece of naan, filled with pickles, onion, cilantro, and your choice of masala paneer, spicy tofu, or soy chunks. With standard and unique dishes, this place is one to try out.

Spice N Curry

Fashioned as both a market and a restaurant this is a little-known gem with a strong following. Offering delicious curry goat, dal, paneer and much more. They have daily specials, fair prices, delicious food and hefty portions. Located in the back of an Indian market, you’re able to pick up dinner after doing a little grocery shopping, making this one a huge win on all levels. Stop by for a wide selection of Indian groceries and delicious Indian food.

Indian food in Miami is plenty, and there are many great places to choose from. Everyone has their own favorite! There are restaurants that specialize in fun fusion dishes, and then there are places that are more traditional, making classic dishes using classic methods. No matter which restaurant is chosen, it’s sure to be a delight as Miami seems to do Indian food right.


Which are the top Indian restaurants in Miami?

Declaring the top Indian restaurants in Miami boils down to a matter of personal choice, some top options include Indian Spice, Bombay Corner, Bobay Darbar, Ashoka Indian Restaurant, Ghee Indian Kitchen, Saffron Indian Cuisine, Urban Rrasoi, and Zaika Indian Cuisine. Though there are plenty of other top Indian restaurants in Miami Florida.

How many Indian restaurants in Miami?

It’s hard to say exactly how many Indian restaurants are located in Miami, Florida. Currently, there is no official counter to determine just how many Indian restaurants are located in Miami. There are also plenty of restaurants that offer Indian food options that aren’t considered strictly an Indian restaurant. However, it’s easy to say that there are probably at least fifty or so in the Miami area.

What is the most popular dish that is served in the Indian restaurants in Miami?

It’s exceptionally hard to say just what is the top selling dish when it comes to Indian food in Miami. However, some top selling Indian dishes include naan, tikka masala, tandoori, lamb vindaloo, chicken vindaloo, paneer, curry, and many more. The top selling dish may vary by restaurant.