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Taylor Made

Mar/07/2023 / by Abhijit Masih

Child actress turned innovator of Indian fashion, Taylor Black is making a brand all her own.

A rising star in Hollywood, Taylor Black has built an impressive body of work in both TV and films. She has worked with legends like Samuel L. Jackson and Nicholas Hoult. She has come a long way from a small town 14-year-old girl who was thrust into the limelight on the iconic soap opera All My Children. One of the first few dates with her husband Brad was at an Indian restaurant in New York City and she got hooked to the immersive world of Indian cuisine and fashion. She spoke to SEEMA about her love for both and the happiness it inspires within her.

How were you introduced to the Indian culture? What were your first impressions?

On one of my first dates with my husband Brad, he introduced me to the famous Indian restaurant in New York City, Tamarind. As a passionate foodie myself, I had not tried Indian food before. After my first bite, I immediately declared in glee to Brad that I had found my new favorite cuisine. Ever since, we’ve been on the hunt for the best Indian restaurant in every city we’ve either lived in or traveled to. Even when I was pregnant with my son, Bowden, in my first trimester, I could barely keep anything down except Indian food! We were spending time in Paris, France when we first found out of the pregnancy, and we tried almost every Indian restaurant in the city, as it was all I was craving and not experiencing aversions to, ha! 😉

Why did you fall in love with Indian fashion?

First discovered the brand D’Ascoli, and I began purchasing and wearing their dresses, and soon I ended up connecting with the owners of the company, Peter and Cecile D’Ascoli. We formed a friendship, and my husband and I commissioned two series of their beautiful textiles to frame and display in our home, and I subsequently went on to become an ambassador/model for the brand. I love working with D’Ascoli and shooting their designs, as I find their pieces to be incredibly unique, flattering, vibrant, and inspire happiness in me when I wear them. 


Indian fashion is so vast—which is your favorite attire?

I think sarees are so regal. I also love coordinating sets, maxi dresses, etc. I really admire all the fashion: the lively colors, vibrant patterns, and again, the happiness that the garments inspire in both admiring them or wearing them!

Who is your favorite fashion designer?

It would have to be Peter and Cecile D’Ascoli, of the D’Ascoli brand. I love everything they’re creating, from textiles to fashion to furniture; the history they weave into their designs, and I just find their pieces to be seamless for so many occasions. Their designs stand out as a bold and beautiful choice amongst the often more muted fashions available in America. 

How would you describe your personal fashion style?

My fashion is ever-evolving, and it’s inspired by my travels. I strive for style that is both practical and comfortable (especially as a new mother) while being fresh, modern, and yet still classic. I love designs that are energizing, and never shy away from a unique floral pattern, cashmere lounge set, or a classic English tailored look. I also believe in color theory, and I think we all have colors that naturally suit our complexion, hair, and energy best.


You have been dabbling with Indian cooking. What has been the most loved Indian dish you prepared?

I am still somewhat new to Indian cooking, but I am very much enjoying learning and experimenting. My husband and I lived in Los Angeles for four years from 2017 to the end of 2020, and a dear friend I met in there is Indian. She kindly taught me how to make homemade curry from scratch, and I was amazed at the process. Since then, I’ve been experimenting with curries, chicken tikka, veggies, etc., but I hope to expand my repertoire. I recently had the honor of meeting Madhur Jaffrey at an event for SACSS in NYC (South Asian Council for Social Services), whose cookbook I own, and whom I admire as an actor, chef, and entrepreneur. We share many of the same interests and values, and she was so humble and lovely!

How did you meet your husband, and does he share your love for Indian food and fashion?

Brad and I met back in 2011 in New York City on a total chance encounter. He asked me to dinner at his favorite small Italian restaurant, and the rest is history. After our first date, I knew I would marry him. It was love at first sight, a soul mate sort of connection :); and yes, he absolutely does share my love of Indian food and fashion! 


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