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Innovations to Change the World

Mar/05/2023 / by Seema STAFF

Tech advances that can transform women’s lives

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This International Women’s Day, SEEMA highlights recent innovations in health, safety and well-being to improve women’s lives.

Women’s Health

Menopause brings about significant changes to bodies, but there is still a lack of information, education, and solutions to improve menopausal health. The team behind Joylux set out to change that by creating a platform offering science-based devices, digital tools, and products that help with menopausal-related health concerns.

Unfortunately, contraceptives are mostly a woman’s burden, and birth control pills can be easy to forget. Vaginal rings are a simple solution: insert them once a month, then forget about them. The rings release hormones that do the job of birth control pills.

The most popular rings are Annovera and NuvaRing, but speak to your doctor before use.

Fem-tech company Elvie was developed when founder Tania Boler became pregnant with her first child and noticed the lack of modern health technology for women. Elvie develops health devices for new and expectant mothers, including a wireless and wearable breast pump. The device allows women to control the device remotely and track milk output via a smartphone app.

Women’s Safety

In the United States, one in five women will be raped at some point during her life. The team at Birdie hopes to help change that statistic. Birdie’s personal safety alarm is lightweight and fits easily on a keychain. When activated, the alarm delivers a loud siren and flashing strobe light designed to deter an attack.


Between hectic workdays, busy weekends, and your trusted aesthetician’s packed schedule, self-care lies by the wayside. But some new devices give you a facial-like glow at home. What’s more, these are user-friendly and easy on your pocket.

Try FOREO BEAR Mini Microcurrent Facial Device (available on Amazon).


“Get good sleep” is the latest mantra for good health. And technology is here to help. With customizable white noise machines and night lights, falling (and staying) asleep is simpler than ever. Try REACHER R2 white noise machine (available on Amazon).


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