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Dec/29/2022 / by Swarnendu Biswas
Roya Mahboob

Born in Herat, Afghanistan,Roya Mahboob is the Co-founder and CEO of the Afghan Citadel Software Company, which is a full-service software development company based in HeratAfghanistan.

The entrepreneur can be described as Afghanistan’s first female CEO of a technology company, which she founded along with her two Herat university classmates. The initial investment for the company was a modest 20,000 USD.

The company’s past projects include enabling a  hospital in Herat to graduate from paper to digital records and helping bring reliable Internet connectivity to Herat University as part of NATO‘s Silk Afghanistan project.

Though she is a businesswoman Roya Mahboob is much more than that. While talking about her contribution in disseminating education in Afghanistan and in empowering Afghan women shouldn’t be discounted.

Any biographer thinking of writing a biography of Roya Mahboob should highlight that Roya Mahboob was selected among TIME Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in the World for 2013 for her exemplary achievement of creating Internet classrooms in high schools in Afghanistan and also for Women’s Annex; a multilingual blog and video site hosted by Film Annex.

Women’s Annex gives  women of Afghanistan and Central Asia a voice; it  can be described as a platform to tell their stories to the world.

She founded the Digital Citizen Fund, with an objective to develop female entrepreneurs of the future in Afghanistan. Its mission is to support women and girls in gaining access to technology and education for obtaining necessary skills to attain financial independence.

Two years after founding of Afghan Citadel Software Company Citadel of New York was founded as a joint venture company owned by her and Film Annex Capital Partners for developing and promoting Examer, which is an interactive and educational social networking platform with a micro scholarship payment system, which Roya helped to develop.

Roya has also founded, mentors and sponsors Afghan Girls Robotics Team; an all-girl robotics team from Herat.

She currently lives in New York but remains committed to the welfare of Afghanistan.


When did Roya Mahboob start her business?

She co-foundedAfghan Citadel Software Company in 2010.

Who is Roya Mahboob married to?

There is no authentic news in public domain about her marriage.

Since how long is Roya Mahboob the CEO of Afghan Citadel Software Company?

She has been donning the hat of CEO since 2010, when she was 23. The age of Roya Mahboob is 35 years.


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