Tehmina Sunny’s Foray into Acting

Dec/31/2022 / by Team Seema
Tehmina Sunny
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Tehmina Sunny is a British Indian actress with an immense amount of talent backing her. Born in Croydon, England during the fall of 1980, Tehmina cultivated a passion for the arts from an early age. She was able to secure a scholarship by playing violin, viola, and piano. In a BBC-cross-country talent search, she became a finalist without any previous training. Tehmina also practiced ballet and earned medals for Taekwondo and Sankukai karate.

With a bright future ahead of her, Tehmina decided to attend the University of Leed; there, she studied Business Information Systems, Artificial Intelligence, and Computer Science. Combining marketing and business studies, she graduated with a Bachelor of Science from the university. Instead of going down this route, Tehmina decided to move to Los Angeles to pursue her artistic dreams. The decision ended up paying off for her, as she was able to carve out a district career within the entertainment industry.

Career Beginnings

Tehmina’s first role came in Alfonso Cuaron’s Children of Men, the 2006 dystopian thriller about a global fertility crisis. In the critically acclaimed film, she played Zara. Other early roles include the medical drama series Casualty, the popular superhero series Heroes, and the comedy Californication.

Since then, Tehmina’s career has developed into consistent work within popular film and television projects. In 2009, Tehmina was in the Eleventh Hour, a Jerry Bruckheimer production based on the novel of the same name. In 2012, Tehmina played a Swissair ticketing agent in Argo, the Oscar-winning historical film by Ben Affleck. She played Darshana Yadav in the Newsroom, an American political drama written by Aaron Sorkin. In The Following, she guest-starred as Melissa Evans. Tehmina played Nailah Fayed in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, the long-standing American procedural. She acted alongside Josh Hartnett in The Lovers, the 2015 Belgian film about time travel.

As of late, Tehmina has continued working in well-crafted television productions, such as the Battle Creek and Extant. In 2017’s Training Day, she played Lina Farzan in the television adaptation of the 2001 movie. She became a series regular in Pandora, portraying Regan Freid in the science fiction series about a planet’s colonization. Tehmina’s most recent role was in Chicago Med, playing the cardiologist Dr. Sabeena Virani. She also has an upcoming role in Partner Track, a Netflix adaptation based on Helen Wan’s novel of the same name.

Tehmina’s Talent and Legacy

As far as talent goes, Tehmina is remarkable for her artistry and her work ethic. This talent has given her the opportunity to work alongside industry giants like Ben Affleck, Kevin Bacon, J.J. Abrams, and Aaron Sorkin. Many of the high-profile productions that she’s joined have been lauded with prestigious awards, including Oscars and Emmys.

In addition to being fluent in English, Tehmina is able to speak Hindi and Gujarati. Her strong language skills allow her to transition smoothly between British, American, Indian, and Middle Eastern accents. By honing in on a multi-cultural appeal, Tehmina Sunny has been able to carve out a special niche in the entertainment industry.

Aside from a seasoned acting career, Tehmina has begun her foray into development as a producer. She’s creating an upcoming television series known as ‘The Spaceman’. She’s also credited with films like ‘The Right Man’ and ’92nd Street & Elliot’. With an ambitious future ahead of her, Tehmina plans on continuing her career growth. Using her exquisite talents in film and television, Tehmina has been able to become a great role model for aspiring entertainers. As media representation for Indian women continues to increase, Tehmina Sunny will be leading the way for future women to enter this field.


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