The 6 Best Indian Restaurants in Kansas City

7 months ago / by Team Seema
Taj Palace
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Are you looking for the best Indian restaurants in Kansas City that serve your favorite cuisine? Look no further than our list of 6 best restaurants. Read on!

The food scene in Kansas City, like that of most big cities, is diversified. There is a wide range of restaurants to choose from; from fast food joints to elegant fine dining venues that suit every taste and budget.

If you enjoy the spices and flavors of Indian cuisine, the following are the six best Indian restaurants in Kansas City for you to consider.

1. Seva Cuisine of India

Address: 8674 NE Flintlock Rd, Kansas City, MO 64157, United States

Indian Restaurants in Kansas City
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Seva Cuisine of India is well-known for serving legendary Indian meals. Their culinary assortment is sure to appeal to you, whether you’re an Indian or just a food enthusiast.

Their cuisine is primarily influenced by northern Indian cuisine and follows centuries-old culinary traditions. The chefs source fresh, locally-grown ingredients to make their foods tasty and nutritious.

They offer a variety of delicious, must-try Indian meals, including pita bread, fiery naan, and the chef’s signature curry. You’ll also find chicken masala and chicken Rogan on their menu.

2. Swagat Fine Indian Cuisine

Address: 7407 NW 87th St, Kansas City, MO 64153

Swagat Fine Indian Cuisine

Since Swagat Fine Indian Cuisine opened its doors more than three decades ago, it has provided its customers with a mouthwatering fare. The owners made it a mission to spread the word about their exotic cuisine. And so their staff picks each raw ingredient by hand to ensure a wonderful Indian dining experience.

They offer an extensive selection of Indian meals at reasonable costs, including Saag Paneer, Seva squash and Seva colors. Their menu also features Tikka masala and butter chicken.

3. Tikka House

Address: 411 Main Street, Kansas City, MO 64105

Indian Restaurants in Kansas City
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Tikka House, as one of the best Indian restaurants in Kansas City, has been committed to offering authentic Indian cuisine for over a decade. Their team of expert Indian cooks employs recipes handed down through the generations. Their meals are often accompanied by superior customer service; thus, you’re sure to enjoy the total package.

This restaurant delivers a wide range of economical and delicious Indian cuisine, including fish tikka, paneer tikka, and chicken tandoori. Their menu also has Basmati rice with tandoori chicken and shrimp.

4. Taj Palace

Address: 1706 W 39th St, Kansas City, MO 64111

Taj Palace
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The Taj Palace welcomes you to indulge and relax with authentic Indian food. The chefs prepare their meals using only the freshest ingredients. They offer an array of economical yet enticing menu options. They feature various well-known Indian spices such as turmeric, curry, ginger and chili.

The eatery also serves vegetarian and vegan Indian cuisines. These items consist of naan, chicken samosas, and chicken biryani, as well as tandoori delicacies.

5. Moti Mahal

Address: 4113 Pennsylvania Avenue, Kansas City, Missouri 64111

Indian Restaurants in Kansas City
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Although the Moti Mahal theme is largely westernized, it serves a bizarre assortment of Indian dishes. They hope to convey the rich and vibrant part of India through their cuisine selections.

It is among the few Indian restaurants in Kansas City, Missouri, that offers an extensive assortment of Indian cuisine, such as samosas, Indian curry, and tandoori. Additionally, they offer Mango Lassi with dahl soups.

6. Chai Shai

Address: 651 E 59th Street, Kansas City, MO 64110

Chai Shai
Happy Cow

Chai Shai is one of the best Indian restaurants in Kansas City, and it’s Brookside Park. This restaurant delivers a blend of Pakistani and Indian food; therefore, the menu offers various selections. Some foods are unique and worth trying. One standout dish is the masala paneer, which combines Indian cheese with fenugreek, delicious tomato, and coriander sauce. Chai Shai also offers takeout and local delivery services.


Which is the top Indian restaurants in Kansas city?

These are two, including Seva Cuisine of India and Moti Mahal

How many Indian restaurants are there in Kansas City?

Kansas City’s Indian restaurant is riddled with many restaurants, including large and small-sized establishments. While the exact number of restaurants is currently unknown, you can expect more than ten restaurants.

What is the most famous dish that is served in the Indian restaurants in Kansas City?

While some restaurants serve southern Indian recipes such as masala dosa and paal payasam, most serve northern Indian recipes. Thus, you’ll always find butter chicken, aloo samosa, chicken dum biryani and paneer