The All-in-one Indian-American Politician: Hiral Tipirneni

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Tipirneni, an Indian-American politician as well as physician, was born on September 28, 1967 in Phoenix, Arizona. He is a cancer research advocate and serves on the Maricopa Health Foundation’s board of directors. In 2008, he ran as the Democratic Party’s candidate for Arizona’s 8th Congressional District after Republican Trent Franks resigned due to a sex abuse scandal.

Tipirneni won the Republican primary on February 27 but lost to Debbie Lesko, the Democratic candidate, on April 24. Despite this, she was able to reduce the Republican lead by more than 16 percentage points. Regular elections were held in November of 2018 and Tipirneni lost by an 11-point margin. Learn more about Hiral Tipireni and her journey.

The Early Life of Hiral

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Hiral Tipirneni’s parents left India in 1971 with eight dollars in their wallets and a dream of living the American Dream in the United States. They saw the United States as a country of opportunity where anybody could achieve success through dedication and hard effort, regardless of background. Hiral’s parents found new professions and started making their goal a reality, even though they were struggling financially at first. Her mother had become social worker, while her father became an engineer.

As much as they experienced culture shock when they relocated to a working-class neighborhood on Cleveland’s west side, they quickly discovered that their new neighborhood was a true American melting pot. As a child in an immigrant community, Hiral felt “proudly American,” growing up with the beautiful traditions of his newfound home despite the fact that his family came from all over the world. Hiral was three years old when they came to the United States. From the beginning, we were enamored by the United States.

“Really peaceful, pleasant midwestern background,” as Hiral recalled as a teenager. A pleasant, uncomplicated upbringing.” A few of her first memories are of playing in the neighborhood park and riding her brother’s bike around the neighborhood. While lamenting that she “would have preferred some nicer weather growing up,” she still continues.

Hiral was admitted to Northeast Ohio Medical University’s (NEOMED) accelerated medical program after high school, which enables students to finish both their Bachelors and Medical Degree in a short period of time. She met her future husband-to-be, Kishore Tipirneni, a fellow NEOMED student-while attending the medical school. She became interested in emergency medicine throughout her training because it allowed her to use her natural aptitude to “fix issues and take action” to good use. Furthermore, she aspired to be the initial point of contact for new patients. People say, “I’m quite empathic and love making connections with them.”

In the end, Hiral obtained a residency at the University of Michigan Hospital after completing his medical training at NEOMED. She refined her abilities in the emergency room, and as she progressed, she discovered a passion for instructing other residents. At the completion of her residency time, she was given an important honor: she was named the first Chief Resident.

Her Move To Arizona

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Hiral and Kishore intended to locate a location to settle and have a family when she completed her degree in Michigan. “Somewhere with less snow would be better,” she stated. They scoured the Northwest and the Southwest for potential sites, including Albuquerque.

However, they were captivated by the Phoenix region right away. A large number of individuals had relocated to the region from the Midwest, just as we were planning on doing. That’s why they felt at home in this neighborhood despite the fact that it was on a whole other side of the country. It was like getting back to a well-known place. There was a strong feeling of belonging and neighborliness. Public education was valued, and everyone felt that they had a responsibility to help one another. As soon as they arrived, they realized that this was the place where they wanted to establish their family and put down roots.

The Tipirneni clan grew up in the Phoenix region. Hiral and Kishore have a son Jalan who is in high school as well as two daughters named Anjali and. Mira is presently attending college. Hiral and Kishore are native Arizonans. It has been more than 25 years since the pair tied the knot.

Initially, Hiral worked at Banner Good Samaritan and Maricopa County Medical Center emergency departments, where she had the chance to work with and educate medical students and residents. While there were some southern variations, the job was mostly the same as in Michigan — high volume, acute patients. Snakebites were new to her; she’d never had to deal with them before. Over the course of her career, she remained a well-respected ER physician in the neighborhood.

Hiral then lost both her mother and nephew to cancer in short succession in 2007. Because of this, Hiral decided to become an advocate for cancer research and start a brand-new chapter in her life. As part of her campaigning, she does “matchmaking,” which entails putting together cancer research non-profits with scientists from all around the globe. It has given her a greater sense of purpose and has satisfied her desire to make a difference, since this job is extremely personal and important for her. After that, we had the 2016 presidential election.

She is unconcerned with intra-party rivalry.

As Tipirneni is well aware, the 8th Congressional District is a Republican stronghold, with Trump winning the district by a margin of 21%. However, she said that she was uninterested in partisanship and wished to collaborate with other legislators in order to properly serve the benefits of the people.

Tipirneni told Fox News that she chose to run because she was “frustrated” by the lack of progress, division, and standing exclusively on a partisan [basis].

It’s my goal to bring people together so we can have a dialogue,” she said. “Many people are feeling disenfranchised. I’d battle for them, not for my own beliefs.”

History of U.S. elections

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​​Tipirneni declared her campaign for Trent Franks’ congressional seat in the 8th district in August of that year as a Democrat. As a consequence of various accusations of sexual misconduct with female employees, Franks resigned and a distinctive election was taken to replace him in the Arizona 8th congressional district. On February 27, 2018, Tipirneni beat Brianna Westbrook in a special primary.

General Elections

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On Tuesday, April 24, 2018, she ran against Debbie Lesko in the general election. End Citizens United and former Arizona congressman Gabby Giffords have endorsed Tipirneni, and he has received some national attention as a result. National Democratic campaign organizations, on the other hand, have shown little interest in her candidacy. Her campaign has raised more money than her opponent despite her inexperience, and she has also outspent Lesko on television advertising. It was found that Tipirneni had “a small edge, 46 percent to 45 percent,” according to an Emerson College survey released on April 16. When it came to a 44-44 tie in a different survey conducted by Lake Research Partners, the candidates were both in the lead.

It was a close race, but Tipirneni came up short in an area that has traditionally favored her opponent’s political party. In a district where Trump won by a 21 percent margin, she received 47.6 percent of the vote against Lesko’s 52.4 percent. Tipirneni intended to seek re-election in the November 2018 general elections.

Political Positions

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Health care, education, and retirement security are all key themes in her campaign, and she stresses her “data-driven approach” to public policy making. He also supports policies such as “common sense” gun control, broad immigration reform, and a government-run healthcare system. As for the Second Amendment, Tipirneni believes that it gives Americans the freedom to lawfully acquire guns “to defend their homes, themselves, and their families, as well as for hunting and sporting purposes.”

FAQs About Hiral Tipirneni

What is Hiral Tipirneni known for?

The University of Michigan Medical Center is where Hiral finished her residency and served as Chief Resident. She is an Emergency Medicine specialist by training. Hiral worked in some of Phoenix’s and Glendale’s largest emergency rooms for many years, including at Valley Wide Health’s ED.

Who is Hiral Tipirneni’s husband?

During her first year of medical school, Hiral met her future husband, Kishore Tipirneni. A son and two daughters live with them.

Where did Hiral Tipirneni go to high school?

Originally from India, Hiral trained as an Emergency Medicine physician at the University of Michigan Medical Center, where she additionally worked as Chief Resident. As native Ohioans, Hiral with her husband finished their residency training in Michigan before relocating to Arizona to practice medicine, raise a family, and soak up the state’s abundant sunlight.

What nationality is Hiral Tipirneni?

Hiral is an Indian-American doctor and politician who spent ten years in emergency rooms in the Phoenix, Arizona region. She also supports cancer research and serves as a director on the Maricopa Health Foundation Board of Directors.

Where was Hiral Tipirneni born?

Tipirneni was raised in Mumbai, India, and moved to Cleveland, Ohio, with her family when she was three years old.


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