The Amazing Actress Nazneen Contractor

Jun/16/2023 / by Team Seema
Nazneen Contractor
Image credits: Wikimedia Commons

About Nazneen Contractor

Honored by abundant fans, Nazeen played Rima Harewood in Star Trek Into Darkness. While living in Toronto, Canada, she broke into television, after studying ballet. Later television work included guest roles in episodes of Lone Starr (2010) and The Paul Reiser Show (2011). She filmed the thriller Seance: The Summoning  in 2011. She has credits for the role of Kayla Hassan in the eighth season of the FOX series 24, and Nazneen later married her co-star, Carlo Rota.

Biography of Nazneen Contractor

Nazneen Contractor was born in Mumbai, India in August of 1982. Her education spanned Nigeria and London, and at the age of 10, she immigrated to Toronto, Canada. Studying ballet in the classical style, she later turned to acting. Beginning to succeed, she performed at the Stratford Shakespeare Festival in such plays as “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” and “Pericles”.

Television awaited her, and in 2000, she began her acting career in programs such as Relic Hunter (2001) and Street Time (2002-2003). By the year 2008, fans could see her in the Canadian crime-espionage drama, The Border. She later had a role in the CBS sitcom, Rules of Engagement.

One of her more well-known roles is of Kayla Hassan in the eighth season of the FOX series 24, in 2010. In 1999, she appeared in Law & Order: SVU. A well known film in which she appeared was as Rima in The Mathew Sheppard Story. She recently appeared in three Hallmark Channel movies as well as other roles.


Is Nazneen Contractor her real name?

She was born in Bombay to Parsi parents. That is her real name.

What Hallmark movies has Nazneen Contractor been in?

She is in the following Hallmark movies: The Christmas Ring (2020), The Perfect Pairing and A Winter Getaway.

When did she start her career?

She began her television acting career in 2000. Before that, she was in a Shakespeare Festival. At the present time, the age of Nazneen Contractor is 40 years old.


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