The Artsy Fashion Style: Tips and Tricks

6 months ago / by Team SEEMA
Artsy Style
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In terms of fashion, there is no shortage of ways in which a person can express themselves, with their appearance reflecting the inner aspects of their personality. In fact, the clothes we wear and the manner in which we present ourselves to the world around us are frequently a reflection of our true selves and personalities. When it comes to clothing, a person with a more conservative personality will often choose darker colors and earth tones that are more subdued and formal in appearance than those around them. A person who has a wild and artistic nature will dress in a variety of colors and with a range of eye-catching accessories to express themselves. What some think of as an artsy fashion style can vary from country to country, and even from region to region in the same country. It can also vary between people.

Artsy fashion is about expressing yourself through your own creativity, just like the concept of art itself. This type of fashion will often make use of homemade clothes or clothing made from recycled materials previously used for other purposes. It could also include the wearing of handmade jewelry or accessories repurposed from other items. The artsy style is also characterized by the use of a variety of bright colors and natural-themed accents. Let’s take a look at some of the different ways that fashion can be artistic.

What is Artsy Fashion?

If you ask ten different people what they consider an artsy fashion style, you are likely to receive ten different answers. What one person considers art is trash to another, and what one person considers a good look on another may not be so good on someone else. Seeing someone wearing a creative or unique look while walking down the street is a universal experience, and it makes you wonder whether you could pull it off yourself. The majority of us usually convince ourselves that we are unable to do so, but this is usually due to the fact that artsy fashion is about being ourselves rather than giving thought to the appearance of others. In the “artsy” fashion style, it is common for clothes to be designed to be art pieces in their own right, complete with swirls and unique patterns, or cut in a style that is not commonly seen in fashion.

Some people prefer to present a more creative style by adding accessories to an otherwise “ordinary” outfit, also called accessorizing. Putting on a handmade necklace made of bottle caps or a pair of hand-crafted beaded earrings will make a dress purchased at a department store look completely different on the person wearing it. The concept behind what is considered an artsy clothing style is that it makes a statement and is different from the usual designs on the market.

It’s about doing something that nobody else has done, or creating a unique outfit with your own hands that cannot be found in a store. The creative art style is all about displaying your inner self through your outerwear and accessories. People who are naturally artistic in other areas, such as overall clothing design, crafts, artwork, or interior design, will gravitate toward this style as a result. It will make use of vibrant and bold colors, as well as unusual prints and one-of-a-kind designs.

Clothing With a Creative Flair

Assuming you have decided that an artsy style is right up your alley, or that it is something you want to experiment with as a new style, you may be wondering what you should wear in order to convey this clothing style. As far as most are concerned, there is no “correct” way to convey an artist’s look through your clothing selections. Your personal definition of “artsy” will be whatever speaks to you on an emotional level. Some people feel the need to send a subliminal message through their clothing, letting the world around them know what it is that they believe in or what they value. But, what are some of the things about the arts and styles that could be used to make up the whole picture?


In addition to the requirement for originality in outward appearance, the artistic style is far more relaxed and seeks both comfort and visual appeal in its design. Those who choose to dress in this unconventional manner are unlikely to be wearing suit pants or formal trousers, nor will they be wearing clothes made of uncomfortable materials. Instead, casual cotton leggings or even yoga pants are frequently used to complete the lower half of the eclectic look. Leggings are typically made of cotton or natural fibers and come in a variety of colors, including brights and pastels, but they are also available in gray and black to contrast with a brightly colored top or blouse.

Artsy Fashion Style
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Skinny jeans

Skinny jeans, like leggings, are intended to show off well-defined legs, possibly implying that the wearer engages in regular yoga, Pilates, or some other type of mind-body exercise. Showing off toned legs with a fitted pair of pants is a hallmark of the artsy clothing style, and thus, including a fitted set of pants is a hallmark of the artsy clothing style. Despite the fact that skinny jeans can come in a variety of colors, they are more likely to be denim or a darker neutral tone to complement a brightly colored top. These were also more likely to be made of cotton, but they could also be made of a blend of fibers in some cases.

Artsy Skinny Jeans
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Asymmetrical tunics

Because of their high-low hemlines, asymmetric tops allow for more expressive demonstrations of creativity in progress when compared to a plain, boring normal top, for example. One of the most flattering ways to wear your asymmetrical tunic is to pair it with a pair of nice black or gray leggings. In addition, this type of upper body wear can be made from a variety of different recycled materials, such as drapes, bedsheets, or other items that have previously been used and have been transformed into clothing.

Handmade or oversized tops

An excellent way to express one’s individuality is through their upper wear, and oversized tops that flow with the breeze convey a sense of freedom and no restrictions. Tops such as tunics and blouses should be casual and easy to put on and take off. Tops can also be made by hand. Many people who want to express their artistic side through their clothing prefer to make their own, whether it’s through patchwork of scraps of cloth, repurposing another type of material into a unique top, or even knitting and crocheting their own clothes. Fortunately, crochet tops are beginning to reappear in fashion, and there are numerous free patterns available on the Internet for those who know how to work yarn into a variety of different designs and textures that are suitable for nearly any body type.

Artsy Fashion Style
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Artistic Accessories for Artsy Fashion Style

It is almost never the case that a fashion style relies solely on clothing to convey its distinct image. Shawls, belts, and jewelry, in particular, all contribute to the completion of a creative image and the creation of a unique and creative outfit.


When trying to maintain an artsy image, you won’t see many people wearing diamonds or pearls; in-stead, jewelry will be bold and dramatic, sometimes handmade or crafted from other materials. The use of artisan pieces, whether purchased from a local craft fair or created by the wearer, is common in this fashion style. The use of recycled materials such as bottle tops or corks for earrings, wire for necklaces and bracelets, and recycled metal bits for rings, as well as natural stone or wire for rings, all add to the individual fashion style.

Handmade Jewelry
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Wearing a belt is encouraged by the artsy fashion trend, which encourages the use of woven or macramé belts made from hemp, or brightly colored belts made from recycled plastic or other materials. In part due to the fact that those who live a more artistic lifestyle are also more environmentally conscious, you are unlikely to see many people wearing leather belts. However, imitation leather can be popular in the artistic style. While some people prefer to wear a belt around their tunics, others prefer to use a sash that is cinched around them. Both of these options will be made of similar materials at the top, usually natural fibers in contrasting colors.

Artsy Fashion Style
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Hats of various types are another accessory that makes an appearance from time to time in the artistic fashion style. Recycling plastic grocery bags into long strands of something called “plarn” (plastic yarn) for knitting and crocheting has resulted in a fairly large and growing industry of crafters who are creating a wide variety of items out of this material, such as handbags, tote bags, and hats. Sun hats made of straw, knitted or crocheted hats, and other types of artistic hats are available.

Handmade Hat
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People all over the world express themselves through their choice of shoes, other footgear, and clothing. Some truly outrageous footwear has made its way onto the professional runways, some of which are so outlandish that it would appear that they would be impossible to put on. A well-made pair of Italian leather shoes conveys luxury and wealth, but the artistic style looks for other ways to enhance the creative style. Shoes for the artsy person, like accessories and regular wear, can be made from recycled materials, handmade, or crafted from one-of-a-kind materials with equally one-of-a-kind designs.

Artsy Fashion Style
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Sandals, or other forms of strappy open toed shoes, are a popular shoe for the artsy person, and they are in keeping with the concept of freedom and comfort as well. The use of children’s letter blocks as heels, recycled plastic from other items as straps, or brightly colored strands woven together to form the body of the shoe are all examples of how artsy footwear can be eye-catching. Another distinguishing feature of this style of shoewear is the pairing of shoes intended for one occasion with an outfit intended for another, such as wearing yellow rain boots with a sundress on a sunny day in spring.

Create a Personal Artsy Fashion Style

So, how do you go about developing a more eclectic style for yourself that reflects your unique sense of style and individuality? You may already have a general idea of how you want to present yourself to the rest of the world in your artsy clothing style, but you may be a little unsure of where to begin. Take a look at some of the suggestions below.

Pay a visit to a thrift store.

After all, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” as the adage goes. The thing that someone no longer considers to be their personal style could be exactly what you’re looking for. While browsing through a thrift store, there are numerous opportunities to discover clothing from stores you don’t normally visit, or pieces from a style that is considered out of date now but may speak to your own sense of personal expression. Sifting through the collections at a thrift store is similar to a treasure hunt, by carefully sorting through rack after rack of discarded items until you find that one piece you didn’t realize you needed until you saw it for the first time! The best part is that thrift stores frequently offer their merchandise at rock-bottom prices. It is possible that you will end up with an entirely new wardrobe for a fraction of the cost of the clothes that you originally purchased. Some thrift stores have even moved online.

Attend craft fairs.

Craft fairs, like thrift stores, provide the opportunity to discover items you never even considered looking for because you weren’t aware they existed until you visited. Craft fairs featuring local artisans or amateur crafters provide an opportunity to find one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry, handbags, and hats, as well as other accessories that can transform an otherwise ordinary outfit into something more eclectic and creative. If you go to a craft fair, you might find earrings made of stained glass or sea glass, tote bags made of plarn, and bracelets made of bolts and screws, among other things.

Visit boutiques that are one-of-a-kind.

Finding interesting pieces for your crafty look in little hole-in-the-wall stores that specialize in niche items is another way to collect interesting pieces. When you are on vacation in a place you don’t normally visit, such as a small seaside town where a locally owned family business sells sea glass jewelry or handmade clothing with ocean themes, this is especially true. These are items that are not available in chain stores or on the internet, unless the store in question also has a website. On that note, you might also consider looking at online marketplaces such as Etsy, which cater to artisans who sell their wares online, giving you the opportunity to network with fashion designers from all over the world.

Make it yourself.

You may not believe you possess any artistic ability or design sense, but if you know what you like, trying out a new hobby such as making your own clothes or accessories is not only a wonderful way to start a new hobby, but it also has the potential to be financially rewarding if you decide to begin selling your own creations to others who have a creative flair for clothing and accessories. Make a thorough search through your closet for items you no longer wear and alter them to make them look brand new again.You can tie-dye an old shirt, embellish a dull old blouse with bedazzled gems, or add accents to a shabby pair of pants to make them look new again. Alternatively, you could paint an old pair of shoes a different color or buy a crafting kit from a hobby store and try making your own jewelry.

Follow influencers online.

You can find a number of personalities on the internet who are building their own followings in specific areas of expertise and who can be quite helpful in assisting you in developing a new style for yourself. The majority of these individuals have entire video channels, blogs, and other platforms where they communicate their knowledge and encourage conversation in the comments sections of like-minded people, informing their followers of fashion trends and styles, as well as strategies for developing a particular look. Watching the YouTube and TikTok channels of artsy fashion personalities is similar to reading a magazine on the same subject, with the exception that the information on these platforms is frequently more up-to-date than that found in print publications.

The Takeaway

Everyone has the ability to be artistic in their own unique way, and how that manifests itself in your artsy fashion style can be as dramatic or as subdued as you wish. Anyone can define what they consider to be “artsy.” If you’re looking for something crafty, add a plarn hat and some handmade jewelry to your ensemble. If you’re looking for something playful, use bright colors and old children’s toys repurposed into jewelry. It can also make a statement, particularly when it comes to designs and prints that are intended to support a particular cause.

The most important thing to remember when showcasing a one-of-a-kind or artsy showpiece like jewelry or an accessory is that the rest of your outfit should be kept simple so that it does not distract from the focal piece you want to highlight. The use of bold and daring jewelry should be set against a toned-down background of clothing so that it stands out. For example, a handmade top should be offset by black or neutral pants. Experiment with different colors, different materials, and different accessories until you find the combination that best expresses your personality to the rest of the world.

FAQs about Artsy Fashion Style

1. What does being artsy mean?

Most people feel that being “artsy” is about exploring your creative side, and demonstrating your unique nature in what your make or present.

2. What’s another word for artsy?

There are many synonyms for artsy, including “creative,” “eclectic,” “decorative,” and “imaginative.”

3. How do you describe an artist style?

Art, by its very nature, is difficult to define, but most would probably agree that being “artsy” is the manner in which someone displays a particular subject or look for the purpose of conveying an image or message to the world through a visual medium.