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Dec/20/2022 / by Team SEEMA
Street Style Mens Fashion
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The street itself is where style is born and where it thrives. Men are the new catwalks. If you pay attention to how men dress on the street, you will notice that there is no “right” way to do it, and style is all about what one makes it. The key to finding your style is simply wearing clothes that make you feel good, fit into your lifestyle and reflect who you are.

Street Style Mens Fashion tips

Street fashion has become more than just a trend over time. It has flourished into art, with many different styles coming and going in the past few years. Some of the street style tips are:

  • Do not be scared to jump in and try something new. When you are young and an amateur in the scene, it is easy to feel like you need to pattern yourself after someone.
  • Remember, streetwear is designed for everyone on the street and works well with many different types of clothes. For example, if you are a fashionista and love dressing up, a nice pair of jeans and sneakers will get you through the day, but if all you have is a tracksuit and some shades, why not bring that same look over to your street style.
  • Do not be afraid of color. Color, for instance, yellow, has always been big in street style, as seen with particular trends such as metallics.
  • Try mixing in some camo with your street style. Camo is big right now and if you love the trend, try adding this print to your outfits.
  • Do not be afraid to mix up your street style with the occasional splurge piece, such as a bomber jacket or skinny jeans. An excellent way to mix up your look and wear an item that defines you while being able to buy it on impulse or whim.

Best Men’s Street Fashion


Punk rock is all about being unique, letting your hair down, and having fun. You do not have to dress like a punk, but you can certainly glean a few tips from the style. Street punk clothing consists of ripped jeans, studded belts, plaid flannels, and band tees worn with black boots. Piercings and tattoos can also be a part of this genre, so feel free to try what works for you.

When choosing footwear for street punk, it may seem obvious to go for classic lace-ups, boots like the ’80s desert boots, platform, tall boots, or even combat boots that would work great during the winter and autumn.

Street Hip Hop Style

Street hip hop combines streetwear and hip-hop fashion, initially worn by rappers. Examples include; ironically styled cornrows, baggy tracksuits, Nikes with no laces, and fishnets with cuts. Beards are also shared between men who fit this style because they resemble Goldie Locks. This style is often worn by those who love their hair long and full of character.

This was originally an urban subculture popularized most notably by The Notorious BIG’s laid-back lifestyle influenced by his love of hip-hop and peace, love, and understanding. Another interesting note on this category is that the basis of the baggy tracksuits is denim, so why not go for some slim-cut, street-chic jeans with a tiny studding.

Street Goth

Goth is a subculture that encompasses gothic fashion, alternative rock, and various dark subcultures. It was created in the late 1970s when punk rock fashion declined to become “square,” bland, and too mainstream for many people to relate to. As a result, the gothic style became a new way for people to identify with themselves instead of what was popular around them. These days street goth fashion is still popular and is usually worn by people who are sensitive, artistic, or have a love for darkness and the unknown.

Street goths can wear many different types of clothing, but you should keep in mind that it is all about subverting what society has given you. It might not be the most straightforward way of dressing, but it will provide you with some much-needed self-expression.

Sporty Street Style

Sporty street style is a mixture of casual wear and gym clothing, but with a little more ‘oomph.’ It is perfect for guys who want to make their look stand out. The most accessible mechanism to achieve this look would be combining your favorite shirt with some tremendous skinny jeans and your favorite pair of trainers. You can get yourself some breda blocked hoody or try some lace-ups to give you another edge.

Indie Street Style

Indie is a subculture that promotes the idea of artistically expressing yourself rather than being part of the crowd. Best described as an independent, non-conformist group of people who focus on creating art rather than being a part of it. Indie encompasses all things vintage, retro, and alternative.

Punk Glam

Punk glam is pretty much what it says on the tin-punk fashion with a touch of glamour. This street style mainly consists of leather jackets, cuffed jeans, skinny jeans, and chunky boots for men. When you jump to punk glam, try mixing your favorite pair of converse with some chunky gold jewelry and a simple fur jacket. Lace-up boots are also great for this category as they are usually seen on punk rock artists.


Street style, in general, often reflects the music you listen to. Rave is a subculture that started in the mid-1980s and was created by ravers, who liked to dance for long hours before going home. Characterized by reflective clothing such as white or gold chains and metallic accessories like necklaces and bracelets.

Preppy Street Style

Preppy is a subculture based on the fashion worn by prep-school students. It is mainly based on “preppy chic,” a style of dressing that values comfort and practicality while still looking stylish and trendy. This usually consists of relatively muted colors, polos, chinos or bermudas, and loafers or sneakers for streetwear guys.

Punk Emos

Punk emo is a combination of punk rock subculture and emo. It was worn mainly by people in the 1980s during the early stages of modern goth fashion as it incorporated elements of both punk rock and goth. This style usually consists of tight jeans, plain t-shirts with just simple designs, and sometimes a leather jacket for street-style men to complete the look.

Street Street Style

Street street style is an 80s pop culture subculture based on youth culture and popular styles, such as; man buns, parachute pants, and graffiti art. As those styles have become popular again, the style has also made a come-back in male street fashion.

Vintage Street Style

Vintage is a subculture based on wearing vintage clothes, meaning anything from 10 to 50 years old. It was initially started by people who wanted to repurpose clothing, from military outfits to old clothing. It was later adopted by hipsters who saw it as a way to repurpose fashionable clothing from their parent’s generation.

Front Pocket Cargo Pants

Front Pocket Cargo Pants is one of the new trends that have become popular in the last couple of years in streetwear. They are a combination of street-style pants with a cargo pocket on the outside with long shorts underneath them. These shorts can be worn by themselves or underneath another garment such as a hoody, blazer, or sports coat.

Mens Cargo Pants

These pants look fabulous with any streetwear. Whether you have a bar mitzvah, job interview, going on a date, going to the gym, or having a night out, these pants are perfect. Men can pair them with a shirt and some lovely sneakers, but they can also be worn as pajama pants that you can roll at the bottom to expose their cargo pockets.

 FAQs about Street Style Mens Fashion

Top 5 essentials to have to rock the street style for men?

• Sneakers and boots
• Bracelets and metallic necklaces
• T-shirts
• Skinny jeans
• Jackets

Which colors are considered best for street style for men?

The best color for street style for men include:
• Blue
• Yellow
• Black
• Green
• Red
• White
• Purple

Why is street style so popular?

Streetwear style became famous because of subcultures, hip hop, skateboarding, and social media. The need for self-expression, uniqueness and repurposed clothing also resulted in the popularity of street-style men’s fashion.


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