The Best Indian Restaurants in Cincinnati

Mar/08/2023 / by Team Seema
Indian Restaurants in Cincinnati
Image credits: Tandoor India Restaurant via Flickr

The best Indian restaurants Cincinnati has to offer populate different areas. The range of traditional restaurants and eateries is impressive in Cincinnati. Contemporary restaurants in the Oakley district are hip and modern. The traditional Indian eateries of Cincinnati are found in Sharonville and Clifton.

1. Adeep India

Ask a resident where to find the best Indian restaurant in Cincinnati, Ohio and many mention Adeep India. The restaurant is on the campus of the University of Cincinnati and is friendly to students. Adeep India remains popular because of its low prices and large portions. There is no loss of quality in its vegetarian, seafood, and chicken dishes. A cozy atmosphere welcomes families and students to its comfortable dining area.

2. Ambar India

Whenever you are looking for high-quality Indian food in Cincinnati, look for the welcoming atmosphere of Ambar India. The restaurant remains one of the best-rated among customers. The list of the best Indian restaurants Cincinnati offers always includes Ambar India. The restaurant provides a range of proteins, including lamb, chicken, and vegetarian options. Indian-inspired desserts are a popular menu item, along with a range of beer and wine options. Delivery and takeout are available from its location in the Clifton Gaslight District.

3. Baba

The best Indian restaurants in Cincinnati, Ohio are in several different areas. The Oakley district is always on the cutting edge of fashion and design. One of the favorites of the Oakley District is the Baba Indian restaurant. A family-owned Indian restaurant bringing recipes from northern India to Ohio. The range of recipes differs from those on most menus, including soups and rice dishes. A full lunch buffet gives diners many options for sampling a range of Indian fare.

4. Bridges

Take your pick from the Northside or Downtown locations. The Northside location offers a lively kitchen and dining room atmosphere. The hip Northside area reflects the eclectic menu from Indian, Nepal, and South Asian cuisine. Bridges specialize in Asian fusion, with traditional Indian dishes given a Nepali twist. The modern take on Asian cuisine includes aloo wala, a chilled potato dish. Vegan and vegetarian dishes are available to make this an option for all the family.

5. Delhi Palace

The traditional menu at Delhi Palace makes it one of the top Indian restaurants in Cincinnati. The menu is traditional and the surroundings are modern. The traditional menu is one of the most impressive in Ohio. Dal soups have proven a popular menu addition for several years and add a light touch to the lunch menu.

6. Dushmesh

During the warmer months of the year, a patio area is a popular option for diners. The lunch buffet includes 25 food items to give diners an authentic taste of India. The authentic Thali meals add a touch of authenticity to the fare on offer on the outskirts of Clifton. The traditional ingredients and high-quality proteins make Dushmesh one of the best Indian restaurants in Cincinnati.


Which is the top Indian restaurants in Cincinnati?

There are plenty of excellent options for Indian cuisine in Cincinnati, Ohio. Restaurants including Adeep Indian, Ambar India, and Baba have excellent reviews.

List of Indian restaurants in Cincinnati?

Cincinnati’s Indian restaurants include Adeep India, Ambar India, Baba, Bridges, Delhi Palace, and Dushmesh.

What is the most famous dish that is served in Indian restaurants in Cincinnati?

Tandoori meals and naan bread are popular menu items throughout Cincinnati.

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