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The Best Podcasts for Career Women

Jan/13/2023 / by Preetam Kaushik
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Career women have to juggle work, home, and various interests. They may also be looking to better themselves. In this, podcasts deliver quality information or entertainment, quickly and easily. One advantage of this medium is that they can listen to podcasts anywhere, whether during their daily commute or while grocery shopping. Here are some of the best podcasts available today.

South Asian Trailblazers – This podcast by Simi Shah retraces the footsteps of South Asian innovators and leaders across the country. You can hear the real-life success stories of famous personalities, such as U.S. Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi and Twitter CISO Rinki Seth. This podcast inspires self-confidence in you while also letting you subtly engage with your culture.

Goal Digger – Here, Jenna Kutcher, the host, gives you insights about things you can do to ensure your business succeeds. From tips on marketing to branding your entrepreneurial venture, this podcast is a must-listen if you are keen on taking your business to new heights. Find out how to maximize your email list, create online courses, and use social media strategies to help you. It is available on Spotify, and Hubspot, among others.

That Desi Spark – Formerly known as the Woke Desi, this podcast hosted by Nehal Tenany and Annika Sharma, stays true to its name. No subject’s taboo to be discussed on this show! This podcast provides diverse bits of information, from dating to dealing with infertility. Tenacity and boldness mark this program that focuses primarily on the empowerment of South Asians. LinkedIn, Apple Podcasts, and Instagram are just some places where you can find the episodes.

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Clever Girl Finance – As a career professional, you must know how to manage your finances. This show by Bola Onada Sokumbi can guide you through the process. A certified financial education instructor, Sokumbi shares her knowledge of the financial nitty-gritty. Find it on YouTube and SoundCloud.

Brown People We Know – An engaging podcast, it explores non-traditional views such as being an immigrant in the United States and raising children as a single mother. Hosted by Suraj Kandukuri, this fascinating program seeks to break stereotypes of gender and identity, including LGBTQ issues. Past guests on this thought-provoking show include a fusion artist who blends Eastern and Western dancing and a successful Death Metal guitarist who became a dentist on retirement!

Weight Loss for South Asian Women Professionals – If you have been dithering on meeting your weight loss goals, this podcast by Dr. Amruti Choudhry can help you get there. Learn about staying committed to your health goals, overcoming the temptation of food, and controlling your mind so that negative emotions do not overwhelm you on this journey.

The Double Shift – Listen to the fun, moving, and exciting experiences of women like you who have to pull a double shift as a mom and an employee. You’ll hear about unique motherhood challenges from the guests on this show hosted by Katherine Goldstein. Tuning into this podcast tells you that you are not alone in this. The challenges you regularly face on the work and personal front are something that most women encounter, South Asian and otherwise.

Besides the convenience quotient, podcasts are generally free of the bias seen in mainstream media. They also let you learn unique topics directly from the experts, and the icing is that they are usually free!