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The Changing Face of Fashion

Nov/03/2023 / by Team Seema
Changing Face of Fashion

Young South Asian women designers showcase ancient traditions in new styles

At the recent South Asian New York Fashion Week in New York, two young women designers showed their unapologetic take on fashion, paving the way for fresh looks, while still honoring past traditions. Here we’ve rounded up a few of their top looks setting the stage for the fashion year ahead. 


Designer Sheel Yerneni blended her South Asian heritage with current Western trends for Gen Z in her Svarini collection. She incorporated luxurious traditional fabrics like royal brocade silks and embroidered prints. But she styled them into modern pieces like corset tops, miniskirts, and low-cut dresses for a Y2K aesthetic. 

The collection mixes Indian couture textiles with Western staples like crop tops and ruffled maxis. Yerneni aimed to create fashion specifically for young brown women that taps into viral TikTok trends while still honoring her roots. 

Svarini will donate 5% of all “Collection I” proceeds to Breakthrough, a non-profit powering the cultural shift that makes violence against young girls and women unacceptable.

Changing Face of Fashion

Chaa Latte

Designer Promiti Prosun blended minimalist Western styles with delicate South Asian details in her Chaa Latte “Payal Collection.” She edged sleek blazers, dresses, and tops with intricate payals for a subtle jingle, aiming to add a touch of feminine power inspired by her Bangladeshi heritage.

The overall aesthetic was modern and understated, as she worked to elevate basics like bralettes, kaftans, and power suits with the ornate anklets.


Wearing In Their Welcome

5 wearable technologies that can help your health and wellness 

From smart rings that monitor health to augmented reality glasses providing hands-free photoshoots, the latest cutting-edge gadgets continue to prove that the future is here. Here are a few of the latest high-tech wearables we’re watching. 

Oura Ring

Acting like a personalized insight engine, the wearable ring reveals sleep, activity, and stress scores daily. The scores connect to an app, which you can use to monitor and track your habits that might make or break your scores. We love the subtle ring’s profile, and lightweight materials. $299,


If you’re ready to take your meditation practice to the next level, this next-gen headband can give you real-time feedback. The headband detects brain activity and provides audio feedback so you can calm your mind and live with more peace and presence. $250,

Zygo Solo

If you’re a swimmer, you can finally stream your favorite music or podcasts while you dive into the deep end. These streaming headphones also offer guided workouts for even more aquatic audio adventures. $299,

Ray-Ban Meta Headliner

The next generation of smart glasses offer hands-free audio, and the ability to capture photos and video without interrupting your daily flow. We love the new colors in the Headliner style, which look just as good as standard sunglasses, but with a lot more AI features. $299,

Embr Wave 2

If you suffer from hot flashes, Embr’s discreet wristband can provide on-demand temperature regulation. By providing cooling or warming relief from hot flashes, this innovative device lets you take more control over your symptoms and improve your nightly sleep. $299,


Gifts that Keep on Giving 

Our favorite finds for the holiday season ahead 

The season of gift giving has officially arrived, and with Black Friday just around the corner, we’re already scoping out the best possible deals and best new products we’re eager to share with our friends and family. Here are a few of our early picks. 

Our Place Always Pan 2.0

The cook in your life will love this versatile ceramic nonstick pan that replaces a whole cookware set! The Always Pan makes cooking easy with its 10-in-1 functionality. Plus its wide range of colors look great in any kitchen. Keep an eye out for their famous Black Friday deals. $150,

Ember Mug2

Say goodbye to cold sips, and give the gift of perfect coffee with this temperature control mug. With the help of a handy app, you can set an ideal drinking temperature and the Ember mug will keep coffee or chai hot all day long. $150,

Eberjay Sherpa Slipper

Have a friend or family member who always has cold feet? Treat them to cozy warmth with these cute and comfy sherpa slippers. The plush faux fur and rubber soles make them perfect for lounging inside or running quick errands. $62,


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