The Fabulous Devita Saraf

Jun/02/2022 / by Team SEEMA
Devita Saraf
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Devita Saraf is one of the most well-known women in the country of India. At just 40 years of age, she is the chairman and CEO of the largest Indian owned TV brand in the world. Devita Saraf came from humble beginnings, and she was driven by her desire to prove that women can have just as much power as men. Devita Saraf started Vu television when she was only 24 years old. She is determined to remain beautiful and feminine in all of her roles, and she aims to redefine gender roles. Devita Saraf has been able to launch more than 35 products during her tenure in the television industry. She is a leader who has inspired millions of women all around the world. She is also a motivational speaker who has given more than 100 conferences in different countries. Devita Saraf has been named one of the top 50 most powerful women in India, and she has met and influenced world leaders for decades.

Biography on Devita Saraf                               

She was born in Mumbai, India. Her father was the chairman of Zenith Computers. Saraf attended Queen Mary school in Mumbai, HR College of commerce in economics, and the University of Southern California. Saraf began to work when she was only 16 years old. She was given the position of Director of marketing at Zenith computers when she was 21 years old, and in 2006, she became the head of marketing and the CEO of the company. Devita Saraf had a vision to be involved in the television industry, so she started Vu technologies. Vu is a company that is dedicated to selling luxury items that are innovative. She has been the National Co-Chair and Executive Committee Member in the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry. She is the founder of the Young Bombay Forum, and she is also an active member of Mensa. Saraf has proven herself to be a true leader in business, and she is also a visionary. Saraf believes that women can take a feminine lead, and that they should never give a second seat to men when it comes to business ventures.

The Entrepreneur Devita Saraf

She is a woman who is highly qualified and educated. She has gone to Ivy League schools, and she has been able to accomplish more in her 40 years than most families can accomplish in several generations. There is always new and exciting news on Devita Saraf Devita saraf has proven to be unstoppable, and her goal is to lead and inspire others to do the same. 


Q: What is the Networth of Devita Saraf?

Sarah has earning of 1-5 million dollars, and she has a net worth of 1800 Crore INR, Saraf has been ranked #16 on India’s Self Made Rich List.

Q: What is the profession of her

A: She is an entrepreneur and a CEO

Q: Who is she married to

A: She is single. There are not much details of her love life.

Q: Where was she born?

A: She was born in Mumbai, India.

Q: When did she start her career?

A: She started her career when she was 16 years old. The age of Devita Saraf is 40.