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Sep/25/2021 / by Team SEEMA
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Instead of thinking of herself as an entrepreneur, Payal Kadakia describes herself as “a problem solver.” Nevertheless, her solution’s scope makes her a latter-day hero — and a noteworthy one at that as the founder of ClassPass. As of June 2018, ClassPass, a digital service that gives customers access to several health and wellness studios via one subscription, was valued at $610 million. The 36-year-old skilled dancer found tremendous success as a result of her venture. Her aspirations don’t end there either. Let us see the biography of Payal Kadakia.

A solution to her frustrations with the lack of dance classes in New York after work has evolved into a platform with endless possibilities as ClassPass expands its partner foundation with yoga, martial arts and dance studios (obviously); health clubs; and more. ClassPass offers a convenient price and drop-in perks to any location within the network. Keep reading to learn more about Payal Kadakia.

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Her Childhood

Kadakia and her elder sister didn’t have many classmates of the same cultural background growing up in Randolph, a tiny town of 25,000 in upstate New Jersey. Because they had nothing when they arrived in the United States, her parents believed that by assimilating into American culture while still maintaining their own, their children would have a greater knowledge of the rest of the world. Both were trained as chemists and understood the significance of a well-rounded education. Kadakia attributes her desire for education and tenacity to her parents’ work ethic and unwavering resolve.

biography of payal kadakia
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At the age of three, she started training in Indian traditional dance. Kadakia and a few other young Indian girls formed a close-knit group and practiced together in family basements thanks to a family member who had been a dance teacher in India. Her youth was marked by weekend trips to contests where she competed in dance. Dance and movement gave her a flexible and eventually powerful connection with cultures as she grew up in Western society.

Kadakia’s life quickly shifted from being about school to being about the possibilities it provided. Discipline had been ingrained in her life via dance, and school was providing her with the finer skills to be successful in the future. She went to MIT and graduated with a degree in management science and a minor in economics, with an emphasis on operations research. When it came to American dance, she learned about legends like Martha Graham, Twyla Tharp, as well as Alvin Ailey in a history lesson.

Personal Life

biography of payal kadakia
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She shifted her attention to her romantic life after achieving professional success. So, as of 2019, she is a married lady. Payal Kadakia and lawyer Nick Pujji were married on May 30th, 2016.

The pair has been married for three years and is content with their union. It was during a friend’s Super Bowl Party in New York City in 2014 that the pair first got to know one other.

A Lucrative Career

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She returned to San Francisco few months later for another friend’s birthday celebration. There, she met entrepreneurs who were disrupting different sectors with technology, and she was intrigued by the concept. She was taking ballet lessons at the time and looking into a new class to try. The more she looked, the more irritated she became since every website she tried was already taken. Kadakia did locate one available place in the program, but she was so dissatisfied by this time that she decided not to go.

It dawned on her, as it had with other entrepreneurs she’d spoken to, that technology might be an excellent vehicle for her concept as well: to help individuals take the step toward a better and more meaningful existence.

The health and wellness class industry was thoroughly researched by Kadakia to discover how consumers found courses. A few acquaintances volunteered to invest in her nascent company after hearing about her concept. She finally made the leap of faith. When she came up with the concept for ClassPass, she worked full-time for six months before quitting with the permission of her parents. After discussing her earnings with her father, Kadakia became motivated to find a solution for this logistical problem and make people’s lives more efficient. Her company, ClassPass, was established in 2011 by her.

ClassPass is a fitness class subscription service that charges a single monthly price for a variety of fitness courses, rather than charging different rates for each kind of session. In the locations where it operates, its network gives users access to a wide range of workshops, gyms, and meditation courses. As Kadakia and her colleagues look to the future, they are considering expanding the ClassPass platform to include every service or hobby that helps people live better lifestyles, such as culinary courses or even beauty services.

An Overview of ClassPass

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Frequent businessman and venture capitalist Fritz Lanman is a crucial member of that team. He managed ClassPass’ seed as well as Series A financing and was instrumental in the company eventually finding its footing. While he and Kadakia switched positions in 2017, Lanman took over as CEO. He with Kadakia have built a solid working relationship. In addition to Square Inc., Lanman has invested in Pinterest, EasyPost, as well as inDinero in seed rounds.

ClassPass’s outreach and partnerships will continue to emphasize worldwide growth and inclusiveness. New York is home to the business, but Kadakia travels all over the world for work. She’s been known to go as far as Singapore or even back home to Hollywood.

An enormous number of new studios are springing up all across New York as a result of the city’s rise as an innovation and technology center, according to Kadakia. Owners of art studios are business people as well, as she points out. New York was a key market for getting input early on, and Los Angeles, a health and wellness hotbed, was eager to accept ClassPass as a daily part of the culture.

With Sa Dance Group, Kadakia has the best of both worlds: she can lead her company to greater heights while still respecting her craft. She pays homage to her history via her artwork, while her entrepreneurial endeavors help to shape the future.

FAQs About Payal Kadakia

How much is Payal Kadakia worth?

The company she started in 2010 is now believed to be worth $400 million. According to Forbes, Kadakia has a net worth of at least $50 million, making her one of the magazine’s list of eight rising female entrepreneurs.

Who is Payal Kadakia pujji?

She is also the creative director of The Sa Dance Company and the executive chairman and co-founder of ClassPass, Payal Kadakia Pujji. To this day, she is a “dancetrepreneur,” having trained in Indian traditional folk dancing forms from the age of 3.

When did Payal Kadakia get married?

Payal Kadakia and lawyer Nick Pujji were married on May 30th, 2016.

How old is Payal Kadakia?

Payal Kadakia, who was born on the second of February in 1983, has reached the age of 38 today.

Who founded ClassPass?

Payal founded ClassPass in 2011 as a result of her lifelong passion for dancing.


We hope you enjoyed this comprehensive bio on Payal Kadakia and were inspired by hard work, vision and creativity to make the most of technology and create a unique solution that benefits everyone. To learn more about other notable personalities, keep reading Seema.


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