The India I Have Inherited

1 year ago / by ANUSUIYA MEHROTRA
The India I Have Inherited

The India I have inherited is a diverse and modern one. It is home to over a hundred languages, hundreds of tribes, different castes, ethnicities, culture, a wide number of different religions, with some of the world’s largest cities. Despite these differences, India stands together.

The India that I have inherited is an economy on a journey to liberalization and globalization, opening doors to various opportunities to all citizens.

The trickle-down effect of economic liberalization has lifted millions of Indians from indigence in the past two decades. India has grown into a nation with opportunities for everyone. Be it the previously ignored scheduled castes and tribes, or the people living in poverty. Government and non-government organizations have put up many programs to help these citizens. These programs aim to provide skills and education to people who cannot afford it. This could then increase their job and health care opportunities, helping them improve their living conditions. There have been a number of reservations in both colleges and work centers for those from scheduled tribes and castes, thus eradicating their previously experienced troubles in this sector and making India a country with acceptable living standards for all.

India is continually trying to unlock the potential of women. Earlier ignored and deemed unworthy to work, women are now being supported and encouraged to do so. The country is striving to convert women from being a minority in the workforce to be equal to men with a number of awareness programs, and by opening schools and colleges for women.

The India I Have Inherited

India has advanced a lot in terms of technology and science, and has come with innovations used worldwide. This has made India stand third among the most lucrative investment options in technological transactions in the world. The India I have inherited is inclined towards science and technology and has invested a large amount of capital in these sectors. While moving towards development, it gives importance to sustainable development. So, along with development, the country has started to make efforts to preserve the environment.

While continuous technological advancement in the country, India has made sure to preserve the vast cultural heritage they have been blessed with and continued to follow ancient traditions, however with a modern approach. I appreciate how festivals like Diwali, Holi, Eid, Christmas and many more are celebrated with immense excitement and celebration, irrespective of the religion one belongs to.

Despite all the changes, and opportunities provided by India there are a few things I feel require more effort. Firstly the mindset of the population. Despite a number of awareness campaigns, people still have some orthodox beliefs. Even though women are encouraged to reach their full potential, there are people who still are against it. All genders, including those in the LGBTQ+ community, are being accepted worldwide as well as by many people in India, but there is a vast portion of the society still not ready to accept that. Similarly, same sex marriages are still illegal in India. That needs to be changed at this very moment.

I would also like to see improvement in steps taken to control the population growth. If it continues to rise at the current rate, there will be a lot of pressure on the food and agriculture industry as well as on natural resources. More and more forested land will have to be cleared for settlements, which, in turn, will impact the lives of all people. The number of people living in poverty, or people not being able to get jobs and education, will continue to increase and all the steps being taken now will be in vain.

The India I have inherited is a prosperous one, aiming to provide opportunities to all, but there is always scope for betterment.