The Joys of Judicious Indulgence in a Social Environment

Jul/24/2021 / by Dhara Mistry
Image courtesy of Pixabay

To the certified foodie and amateur food blogger, I say, have your fun! Summertime means decadent foods and thirst-quenching drinks! So how do you enjoy being in a social setting while still maintaining a healthy lifestyle?

That’s easy: it is your choice!

Skipping out on social events to avoid breaking your health routine is not the right answer. Don’t forget that we are human. We also thrive on social interactions. In fact, social ties are amazingly good for our mental health and growth. So, as you keep up with your social calendar, here are some tips to help you balance your healthy lifestyle with some indulgence in food and drinks in social settings.

  1. Say no! Attending every single social event is not only taxing for the body but, more importantly, for your mind and soul. Sometimes taking a breather and stepping back from ongoing events is exactly what your body needs. By saying no, you are saying yes to some rest and relaxation. Instead, eat a healthier meal, or get a workout or walk that you may have otherwise skipped while socializing. No more guilt! Say “no” occasionally, or whenever your mind, body and soul tells you that you need a break.
  2. One glass of water to one drink! That is my rule. For every adult beverage, whether it’s a cocktail or mocktail, have a glass of water in conjunction. Adding water helps keep your body nourished with its healthy nutrients, helping address any potential hangover since water helps flush out toxins.
  3. Just a little bit. Yep 50 Cent was right. Just a little bit is not a bad thing! Having one slice of pizza and a hearty salad is better than no salad and three to four slices of pizza. Do not restrict yourself altogether. After all, we live life to enjoy, so having yummy food in moderation is OK! Do not think that eating in excess or not eating at all is good. Your body needs fuel, and some treats to find its balance! Apply the “just a little bit” model to your workout routine. Moving your body a little is better than not moving it all. Rather than sitting around, scrolling through social media, go for a 15-minute walk and get moving before you head out for the night!

The choice is always yours! How you treat your body is how it will treat you back. Water and rest are a must, something we often don’t allow ourselves as we rush through life.

Add healthy salads to your meals out and do not eat full portions. Take some home for the next day. When it comes to choosing between having fun and living a healthy life, there is nothing that says you cannot have both. You truly can! It is a choice you make every time. So, think about every drink and choice you make and how that physically impacts your body.

Listen, enjoy, and indulge! Happy summer fun!

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