The Joys of Partaking in Seasonal Detoxing

May/18/2021 / by Nancy Amon
Image credits: Lewis Fagg/Unsplash

Detoxing is one of the most commonly heard expressions in the health industry. What it means is to rid the body of toxins. In the fast-paced life of stress, toxins in the air that we breathe, viruses, and other elements that could be harmful to the body, detoxing are definitely important.

The body may also be stressed with too much alcohol, too much caffeine, a sedentary lifestyle, allergies, and antibiotics to name a few.

Understanding Seasonal Detoxing

Seasonal detoxing takes place, as the name suggests, seasonally. During this time, your body changes as you transition into another season, for example, winter to summer.

You may also, during cold seasons adapt to a different way of eating, for example, hearty, heavy foods in winter like stews, root vegetables, and warm beverages. You may also tend to sleep longer since the nights are longer than the days in winter compared to summer.

That being said, in contrast to the above, when we head into the warmer days, we eat lighter foods, less spicy, and drink refreshing beverages. We also sleep less in summer as our internal clock adjusts to the longer days.

Image credits: Yoav Aziz/Unsplash

We eat more raw foods, which is very good for our well-being, since most foods, if cooked too long, lose nutritional value. In summer, this tends to be no problem or easily done.

Why Should You Do a Seasonal Detox?

Seasonal detoxes as mentioned helps the body get rid of the toxin build-up of the previous season. It will help to prepare the body for the changes and how they will affect body functions during these hot or cold seasons.

It May Help Build Immunity

During a seasonal detox, you can build your immune system by helping to keep your gut healthy. Yes, our microbiome (gut environment) plays a huge role in how our brain functions and our overall wellness.

Boosting the immune system with dietary supplements and a balanced diet will bolster the immune system and may reduce sick days.

It Could Help With Weight Loss

We usually eat more in winter as the body stores fat to keep the bodies warm. It is the body’s ability to take care of itself in various situations. But we also need to help it move in the right direction.

Detoxing and eating certain foods help reduce food cravings and maintain sustenance.

It May Help Lower Inflammation

Inflammation is often the root cause of chronic conditions and diseases. If we rid our bodies of inflammatory-causing foods like sugar, bad carbs, bad fats, and processed products, then it’s already a step in the right direction.

Detoxing May Ensure Better Sleep

When detoxing, not only improves your skin, energy levels, and other health factors, it also helps to better your sleep. This is great for people that usually struggle to sleep.

Image credits: Louis Hansel/Unsplash

What Should You Eat During Your Seasonal Summer Detox?


Eat raw, light foods

Eat fresh fruit and vegetables

Reduce alcohol intake

Keep hydrated

Reduce heavy, fatty foods

Have more nutritious smoothies

Drink lemon water

Other benefits of detoxing

Furthermore, you can help your body get into better shape from the inside out.

You may notice more energy throughout your days. You could also see that you’re sleeping better too. Apart from that, you may also start to drop weight, which is excellent news too. Your skin will look healthier and you will feel more vibrant in comparison to how you felt before the detox.


Is it worth it to detox during spring and summer? Yes!

Our bodies are self-sufficient and while this is so, we can help it by doing things that are productive to wellness.

If you haven’t done a summer detox, now is the time to try.


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