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The Karma Map – Nisha Sharma

Sep/02/2023 / by Team Seema
Nisha Sharma

A youth group’s temple road trip through India is a liberating escape for a former mean girl and sunshine boy to explore their past and their feelings for each other in the much-anticipated novel about self-discovery by the award-winning author of My So-Called Bollywood Life.

Nisha Sharma is the critically acclaimed author of YA and adult contemporary romances including My So-Called Bollywood Life, Radha and Jai’s Recipe for Romance, The Singh Family Trilogy and the If Shakespeare was an Auntie series. Her books have been listed in best of lists by The New York Times, The Washington Post, Cosmopolitan, Entertainment Weekly and more. 

The Karma Map, released earlier this year, is the story of of Tara and Silas. Dborn and raised in the US, Tara Bajaj hides her family secrets. With beautiful clothes, a popular social media presence, and a spot on the Rutgers High Bollywood dance team, she does it well—until her carefully cultivated image shatters. Shut out by friends and with her future in flux, Tara accepts a guide position for a youth group’s temple tour through North India. Rediscovering the heart of her ancestry is as good a place as any to start over. On the other hand, Silas D’Souza-Gupta is an aspiring photojournalist retracing the journey his two mothers took when they fell in love. The last thing he expects on this road trip is a girl with a history of her own. As Tara and Silas embark on remote pilgrimage sites from Punjab through the Himalayas, they discover what it means to be a child in the Indian diaspora, the significance of karma, and the healing power of love.SEEMA’s View: A heartwarming and realistic telling of a large majority that live out their lives struggling to hold on to a culture passed down by their parents, while trying their hardest to assimilate in to mainstream America. Like most road trips, a tale of discovery, self understanding and falling in love.


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